Which type of chief financial officer are you?

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Chief financial officers are moving away from an internal scorekeeping role and are becoming change agents, Jeff Rodek, CEO of enterprise software company Hyperion, told delegates at the firm's annual conference last month.

Rodek identified four main roles for the CFO: a scorekeeper within the business; a scorekeeper within the industry; a business partner helping other senior managers to understand and be accountable for profitability; and a change agent who transforms their organisation's culture.

"No role is wrong," Rodek said. "If the CFO is a good internal scorekeeper, there are probably other people in the organisation who can act as business partners."

Most CFOs were external scorekeepers or business partners, he said, but this was changing. "More of them are becoming change agents as technology allows them to delegate everyday functions, take an overview and help to decide where the organisation is heading."

Frank Buytendijk, research director at Gartner, argued that there were...

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