Why Amsterdam Is Set to Knock London off It's Tech Hub Pedestal.

Brexit a factor in large companies relocating their European bases to Amsterdam.

Home to the world's first futures market--which was in tulips--Amsterdam is once again taking its place centre stage in the world's economy by becoming a successful and rapidly growing tech hub.

Already ranked number four in the world by Savills in its 2019 Best Tech Cities report, the ecosystem is continuing to grow and the sky is the limit according to Tom Brookshaw, who recently joined leading data, technology and analytics recruiter, KDR Recruitment, as Principal Consultant for The Netherlands.

"There are huge opportunities for creative and intelligent people to quickly carve a great career in data science in Amsterdam," he said. "Jobs in the tech sector in Amsterdam are increasing at a rate of 12% each year, which is hugely exciting."

And it isn't just start-ups that are flourishing in the capital of The Netherlands. Huge global names, such as Netflix, Uber and Google have recently moved into the city.

"Brexit is definitely having an impact with these large organisations considering the need for a European base outside the UK," explained Tom. "But other factors are important too, such as the ease of relocating to Amsterdam, fantastic transport links and a population that has an almost universal ability to...

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