Why B2B doesn't follow B2C: busting marketing myths.

Author:Lim, Joe

In August I co-hosted a round table discussion of top tier marketing executives, focused around busting some big marketing myths. I love these interactive, two-way exchanges of information as they are often where you pick up the most insight--and this conversation really drove home the need for both sales and marketing professionals to broaden their perspective.

It's fair to say that there are a lot of marketing myths out there, and they can be really damaging to a marketer's effectiveness if taken seriously. To help you draw the distinction between fact and fiction, here are some of the common offenders that we discussed:

Myth: B2B follows B2C

Truth: This belief, though long-held and particularly quoted in a digital context is, quite simply, rubbish. B2B marketers actually have the opportunity to do things much better if they put in the focus and effort. Excellence in B2B sales and marketing is about finding the right formula for your own business, rather than just adopting trends that may work in B2C. Lead, don't follow!

Myth; Sales people and marketing people are fundamentally different--they can never really align

Truth: While participants agreed the divide between sales and marketing still exists in many organisations, bridging the gap is possible if we focus on what both teams have in common--a goal to win more business. Greater collaboration comes from a little more effort from both sides to understand each other's challenges and needs. For example, marketing can do more to encourage sales teams to input better data into the CRM by explaining that the pay-off is higher quality leads and less wasted time. And sales professionals must embrace the fact that their role is changed to be more of a subject matter expert that simply a pipeline or MQL manager.

Myth: If you have identified the right contact, you can win the account

Truth: Many sales and marketing professionals still don't recognise that today's account-based...

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