Why people analytics is the HR professional’s secret weapon

Published date01 April 2020
Date01 April 2020
AuthorLaura Timms
Strategic Commentary
Why people analytics is the HR professionals
secret weapon
Laura Timms
You are the gatekeeper of your
organisation, responsible for the safety
and well-being of your employees and
making decisions for the greater good
of your organisation even when it is
tough. But we know that this is not a
Bond movie, and life as an HR
professional is not all martinis and
private jets.
The truth is, having the weight of
making decisions that impact your
organisation at scale, right downto
the individual level can be
To do your job effectively, good
intuition simply will not do. You need a
different type of secret weapon,
something that allows you to make
decisions based on the hard facts
and enables you to understand the
different factors that causethings to
happen the way they do in your
This secret weapon we speak of is
called people analytics andit is
shaking up the HR function for good.
Here is why:
Inside knowledgeabout the skills
you need
It is no surprise that Gartner’s Human
Resources trends for 2019 found that
66 per cent of HR leaders agreed that
building critical skills and
competencies for their organisation
was a key priority.
After all, the capabilities your
organisation possesses are directly
related to your ability to meet your
strategic goals. The better you are
able to understand the skills you need
to achieve your goals and the clearer
your knowledge of how to acquire
them, the better stead you will be in to
make a real difference to your
People analytics works to highlightthe
capabilities that will support your
growth plan, and can even help you
identify emerging skills, thatif
harnessed early, could give you the
edge against your competitors.
Once you understand this, people
analytics works as your very own
inside system to help you to bridge
the skills gap by highlighting where
you currently are compared to where
you want to be. It also monitorshow
effectively you are developing and
obtaining new skills so you can
understand how long it will realistically
take you to reach your goals.
Optimise your people costs
People are your biggest cost,and
managing this cost-effectivelymay be
your biggest challenge yet.
Even small organisations have a
network of complex people costs that
can be difficult to keep on top of.
You set your monthly budget, but
what if Grace suddenly needs a new
laptop, or Abdul’s ten-year
anniversary is approachingwhich
sees him due for a bonus?
MHR Analytics, Nottingham, UK.
DOI 10.1108/SHR-04-2020-178 VOL. 19 NO. 2 2020, pp. 85-87, ©Emerald Publishing Limited, ISSN 1475-4398 jSTRATEGIC HR REVIEW jPAGE 85

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