Wimbledon and West Metropolitan Junction Railway Act 1882

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1882 c. ccl
[45 & 46 VICT.] Wimbledon and West Metropolitan [Oh. CCl.]
Junction Railway Act, 1882.
An Act for making a Railway between Wimbledon and A.D.JL882
Putney in the county of Surrey. [18th August 1882.]
HEREAS the construction of the railways in this Act
described will be of public and local advantage :
And whereas the persons herein-after in that behalf named with
others are willing at their own expense to make and maintain such
railways and it is expedient that they
incorporated into a com-
pany for that purpose :
And whereas plans and sections showing the lines and levels
of the railways authorised by this Act and also books of reference
containing the names of the owners and lessees or reputed owners
and lessees and of the occupiers of the lands required or which may
be taken for the purposes or under the powers of this Act were duly
deposited with the clerk of the peace for the county of Surrey and
are herein-after respectively referred to as the deposited plans
sections and books of reference :
And whereas it is expedient that the Company to be incorporated
by this Act be empowered to pass over the railways or portions of'
railways in this Act mentioned :
And whereas it is expedient that the Company and the
Metropolitan District Railway Company be empowered to enter
into and carry into effect working and other agreements as in this
Act provided :
And whereas the purposes of this Act cannot be effected without
the authority of Parliament:
May it therefore please Tour Majesty that it may be enacted and
be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty by and with
the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and
Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority
of the same as follows :
This Act may be cited as the "Wimbledon and "West Metro- Short title.
politan Junction Railway Act 1882.
lLocal.-250.1 A 1
[Ch. CCl.j
and West Metropolitan [45 & 46 VICT.]
Junction Railway Act, 1882.
ration of
general Acts.
& 9
& %1
& 33
9 Vict. c. 18.
24 Vict.
S2&S3Vict. c.18.
9 Vict. c. 20.
26 &,27 Vict. c.92.
tion of term
" parish
Company in-
The Companies Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 Part I.
(cancellation and surrender of shares) and Part III. (debenture
stock) of the Companies Clauses Act 1863 (as amended by the
Companies Clauses Act 1869) the Lands Clauses Consolidation
Acts 1845 1860 and 1869 the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act
1845 and Part I. (construction of railways) and Part III. (working
agreements) of the Railways Clauses Act 1863 are (except where
expressly varied by this Act) incorporated with and form part of
this Act.
In this Act the several words and expressions to which
meanings are assigned by the Acts wholly or partially incorporated
herewith have the same respective meanings unless there be some-
thing in the subject or context repugnant to such construction the
expression " the Company" means the Company incorporated by
this Act the expressions " the railway" and " the undertaking "
mean respectively the railway and the undertaking by this Act
authorised the expression " the South-western Company" means
the London and South-western Railway Company the expression
the Brighton Company means the London Brighton and South
Coast Railway Company the expression " the District Company "
means the Metropolitan District Railway Company and for tbe
purposes of this Act the expression " superior courts " or " court of
competent jurisdiction " or any other like expression in this Act or
any Act wholly or partially incorporated herewith shall be read
and have effect as if the debt or demand with respect to which the
expression is used were a simple contract debt and not a debt or
demand created by statute.
The expressions " parish clerks " and " clerks of the several
parishes " in sections seven eight and nine of the Railways Clauses
Consolidation Act 1845 shall with reference to the Company and
as regards those parishes or extra-parochial places in which by the
standing orders of either House of Parliament plans sections and
other documents are required to be deposited with the clerk of the
vestry of the parish or with the clerk of the district board for the
district in which the parish or extra-parochial place is included
mean in the first case the vestry clerks of those parishes and in the
second case the clerks of those district boards respectively.
John Innes Frederick Searle Parker James Paxton and all
other persons and corporations who have already subscribed to or
shall hereafter become proprietors in the undertaking and their
executors administrators successors and assigns respectively shall
be and are hereby united into a company for the purpose of
[45 & 46 VICT.] Wimbledon and West Metropolitan [Oh, CCl.]
Junction Railway Act, 1882.
making and maintaining the railways and for other the purposes A.D. 1882.
of this Act and for those^ purposes shall be and are hereby incor-
porated by the name of the Wimbledon and West Metropolitan
Junction Railway Company and by that name shall be a body
corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and with
power to purchase take hold and dispose of lands and other property
for the purposes of this Act.
6. Subject to the provisions of this Act the Company may make Power to
and maintain in the line and according to the levels shown on the ma e "
deposited plans and sections the railways herein-after described
with all proper stations sidings approaches works and conveniences
connected therewith and may enter upon take and use such of the
lands delineated on the said plans and described in the deposited
books of reference as may be required for that purpose The
railways herein-before referred to and authorised by this Act
are :
Railway No. 2—2 miles 1 furlong 7'
chains in length com-
mencing near the arch carrying the road leading from the Gap
Lodge of Wimbledon Park to Wimbledon Cemetery over the
South-western Railway and terminating by a junction with
the authorised line of the Kingston and London Railway
Railway No. 3—2 furlongs 1
90 chains in length commencing
by a junction with the Tooting Merton and Wimbledon
Railway between the Wimbledon and Hay don's Lane stations
and terminating near the commencement of Railway No. 2.
The junction of Railway No. 2 with the authorised railway of Junctions
the Kingston and London Railway Company herein-after referred ™}lway Wltk
to as " the Kingston Company " near to Putney and the junction of London and
Railway No. 3 with the Tooting Merton and Wimbledon Railway Tooting Mer-
herein-after referred to as " the Tooting Railway at Wimbledon " biedon
shall respectively be constructed according to plans to be reasonably ways to be
approved by the respective engineers of the Kingston Company and for™.ed ^c"
the Brighton and the South-western Companies as the case may be agreed plans.
which two last-mentioned companies are herein-after when jointly
referred to called "the joint companies" and the first-named
junction shall be formed at a point not less than three hundred and
thirty yards south of the Upper Richmond Road.
8. All openings in the rails of the authorised railway of the Communica-
Kingston Company and of the Tobting Railway shall be made only ^sto'na'nd
at such points thereon respectively as the engineers of the Kingston London and
Company or of the' joint companies as the case may be respectively Tooting Mer-
A 2 3

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