Winchester College estate: sale of estates in the Isle of Wight, and purchase Act 1845

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1845 c. 20
An Act to enable the Warden and Scholars, Cleri
of Saint Mary College of Winchester near Win
cl carry into efif a c d
into by them for the Sale of certain Parts of th
Estates belonging: to the said College in the Isle
of Wight, and to invest the Purchase Money in
other Estates for the Benefit of the said College.
th August 1845;]
HEREAS by Articles of Agreement bearing Date the
Second Day of June One thousand eight hundred and
forty-five, and made and entered into by and between
the Reverend Robert Speckott Barter, Bachelor in Civil Law, the pre-
sent Warden of Saint. Mary
of Winchester near Winchester,
on behalf of himself as such Warden^ and the Scholars, Clerks of
the same College, of the one Part, and George. Edward Anson
Esquire, Treasurer and Private Secretary to His Royal Highness
Prince Albert, as Agent for and on the Behalf of the Queen's most
Excellent Majesty, of the other Part, after reciting therein that
the said Warden and Scholars, Clerks, were seised for an absolute
Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple in. possession to. them, and
their Successors m right of their said College of the Manor or Lord-
ship of Barton, in: the; Isle of Wight in, the. County of Southampton^
with its Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appurtenances; and also
[Private.] 6
Articles of
for Purchase
of Manor
of Barton,
Warden, and
Scholars of
c2d June
y reciting

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