With a heavy heart.

Author:Patrick, Islin
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. Why do we black people have such a short memory? I clinch when I hear BBC reporters say that London would like to see regime change in Zimbabwe. One even asked a member of Zimbabwe's opposition recently if he thought the army would rise up against President Mugabe?

If my memory is right, the Zimbabwe people fought for their independence--no one gave it to them. I can remember when Ian Smith would come to London to have talks with British prime ministers, and as soon as he went back to Rhodesia (as the country was called), he would do as he pleased.

In the end, he unilaterally declared Rhodesia independent. Did London send its warships and planes to take back the country like they would have done if this man was black? The answer is no!

When the British prime minister was asked to use sanctions against Ian Smith, he said it would hurt the black people. Now they have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe--to "hurt the black people".

Most of us black people who have any brains know that the British did not impose sanctions on Ian Smith because it would have hurt their own interests, and not because it would have hurt blacks.

Sanctions have now been imposed against Zimbabwe to get rid of President Mugabe, not to restore democracy--because there was...

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