Working Classes Act 1890

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Citation1890 c. 70

Working Classes Act, 1890.

(53 & 54 Vict.) CHAPTER 70.

An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to Artizans and Labourers Dwellings and the Housing of the Working Classes.

[18th August 1890]

B E it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

S-1 Short title of Act.

1 Short title of Act.

1. This Act may be cited as the Housing of theWorking Classes Act, 1890.

I Unhealthy Areas.


Unhealthy Areas.

S-2 Definitions.

2 Definitions.

2. In this part of this Act—

The expression ‘this part of this Act’ includes any confirming Act, and

The expression ‘the Acts relating to nuisances’ means—

as respects the county of London and city of London, the Nuisances Removal Acts as defined by the Sanitary Act, 1866, and any Act amending these Acts; and

as respects any urban sanitary district in England, the Public Health Acts;

and in the case of any of the above-mentioned areas, includes any local Act which contains any provisions with respect to nuisances in that area.

S-3 Application of Part I. of Act.

3 Application of Part I. of Act.

3. This part of this Act shall not apply to rural sanitary districts.

Scheme by Local Authority.

Scheme by Local Authority.

S-4 Local authority on being satisfied by official representation of the unhealthiness of district to make scheme for its improvement.

4 Local authority on being satisfied by official representation of the unhealthiness of district to make scheme for its improvement.

4. Where an official representation as herein-after mentioned is made to the local authority that within a certain area in the district of such authority either—

a. ) any houses, courts, or alleys are unfit for human habitation or
b. ) the narrowness, closeness, and bad arrangement, or the bad condition of the streets and houses or groups of houses within such area, or the want of light, air, ventilation, or proper conveniences, or any other sanitary defects, or one or more of such causes, are dangerous or injurious to the health of the inhabitants either of the buildings in the said area or of the neighbouring buildings;

and that the evils connected with such houses, courts, or alleys, and the sanitary defects in such area cannot be effectually remedied otherwise than by an improvement scheme for the re-arrangement and reconstruction of the streets and houses within such area, or of some of such streets or houses, the local authority shall take such representation into their consideration, and if satisfied of the truth thereof, and of the sufficiency of their resources, shall pass a resolution to the effect that such area is an unhealthy area, and that an improvement scheme ought to be made in respect of such area, and after passing such resolution they shall forthwith proceed to make a scheme for the improvement of such area.

Provided always, that any number of such areas may be included in one improvement scheme.

S-5 Official representation, by whom to be made.

5 Official representation, by whom to be made.

(1)5.—(1.) An official representation for the purposes of this part of this Act shall mean a representation made to the local authority by the medical officer of health of that authority, and in London made either by such officer or by any medical officer of health in London.

(2) (2.) A medical of officer of health shall make such representation whenever he sees cause to make the same; and if two or more justices of the peace acting within the district for which he acts as medical officer of health, or twelve or more persons liable to be rated to the local rate complain to him of the unhealthiness of any area within such district, it shall be the duty of the medical officer of health forthwith to inspect such area, and to make an official representation stating the facts of the case, and whether in his opinion the said area or any part thereof is an unhealthy area or is not an unhealthy area.

S-6 Requisites of improvement scheme of local authority.

6 Requisites of improvement scheme of local authority.

(1)6.—(1.) The improvement scheme of a local authority shall be accompanied by maps, particulars, and estimates, and

(a. ) may exclude any part of the area in respect of which an official representation is made, or include any neighbouring lands, if the local authority are of opinion that such exclusion is expedient or inclusion is necessary for making their scheme efficient for sanitary purposes; and

(b. ) may provide for widening any existing approaches to the unhealthy area or otherwise for opening out the same for the purposes of ventilation or health; and

(c. ) shall provide such dwelling accommodation, if any, for the working classes displaced by the scheme as is required to comply with this Act; and

(d. ) shall provide for proper sanitary arrangements.

(2) (2.) The scheme shall distinguish the lands proposed to be taken compulsorily.

(3) (3.) The scheme may also provide for the scheme or any part thereof being carried out and effected by the person entitled to the first estate of freehold in any property comprised in the scheme or with the concurrence of such person, under the superintendence and control of the, local authority, and upon such terms and conditions to be embodied in the scheme as may be agreed upon between the local authority and such person.

Confirmation of Scheme.

Confirmation of Scheme.

S-7 Publication of notices.

7 Publication of notices.

7. Upon the completion of an improvement scheme the local authority shall—

a. ) publish, during three consecutive weeks in the month of September, or October, or November, in some one and the same newspaper circulating within the district of the local authority, an advertisement stating the fact of a scheme having been made, the limits of the area comprised therein and naming a place within such area or in the vicinity thereof where a copy of the scheme may be seen at all reasonable hours; and

(b. ) during the month next following the month in which such advertisement is published serve a notice on every owner or reputed owner, lessee or reputed lessee, and occupier of any lands proposed to be taken compulsorily, so far as such persons can reasonably be ascertained, stating that such lands are proposed to be taken compulsorily for the purpose of an improvement scheme, and in the case of any owner or reputed owner, lessee or reputed lessee, requiring an answer stating whether the person so served dissents or not in respect of taking sue lands;

c. ) Such notice shall be served—

(i.) by delivery of the same personally to the person required to be served, or if such person is absent abroad, or cannot be found, to his agent, or if no agent can be found, then by leaving the same on the premises; or,

(ii.) by leaving the same at the usual or last known place of abode of such person as aforesaid; or,

(iii.) by post addressed to the usual or last known place of abode of such person.

d. ) One notice addressed to the occupier or occupiers without naming him or them, and left at any house, shall be deemed to be a notice served on the occupier or on all the occupiers of any such house
S-8 Making and confirmation of provisional order.

8 Making and confirmation of provisional order.

(1)8.—(1.) Upon compliance with the foregoing provisions with respect to the publication of an advertisement and the service of notices, the local authority shall present a petition, if it relates to any part of the county or city of London, to a Secretary of State, and if it relates to any other place, to the Local Government Board, praying that an order may be made confirming such scheme.

(2) (2.) The petition shall be accompanied by a copy of the scheme, and shall state the names of the owners or reputed owners, lessees or reputed lessees, who have dissented in respect of the taking their lands, and shall be supported by such evidence as the Secretary of State or Local Government Board, according to the circumstances of the case (in this part of this Act referred to as the confirming authority), may from time to time require.

(3) (3.) If, on consideration of the petition and on proof of the publication of the proper advertisements and the service of the proper notices, the confirming authority think fit to proceed with the case, they shall direct a local inquiry to be held in, or in the vicinity of, the area comprised in the scheme, for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of the official representation made as to the area and the sufficiency of the scheme provided for its improvement, and any local objections to be made to such scheme.

(4) (4.) After receiving the report made upon such inquiry, the confirming authority may make a provisional order declaring the limits of the area comprised in the scheme and authorising such scheme to be carried into execution.

(5) (5.) Such provisional order may be made either absolutely or with such conditions and modifications of the scheme as the confirming authority may think fit, so that no addition be made to the lands proposed in the scheme to be taken compulsorily, and it shall be the duty of the local authority to serve a copy of any provisional order so made in the manner and upon the persons in which and upon whom notices in respect of lands proposed to be taken compulsorily are required by this part of this Act to be served, except tenants for a month or a less period than a month.

(6) (6.) A provisional order made in pursuance of this section shall not be of any validity unless and until it has been confirmed by Act of Parliament; and it shall be lawful for the confirming authority, as soon as conveniently may be, to obtain such confirmation, and any Act confirming any provisional order...

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