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Publication Date14 January 2022
Publication titleHuddersfield Daily Examiner
There was more actual stuff that you might be able to buy soon revealed, too… last year's muted show seemed to have exhibitors keeping their powder dry for more normal times

We might not quite be in more normal times just yet, but they seem to be on the way, and the tech companies have stepped up.


It would be impossible to even list everything revealed at CES this year, so here's my top five.

Samsung gets three entries into the list, not just because they gave an actual live presentation at the event, but because their new stuff seems like it actually might be useful as well as innovative… not always true of the wild and wacky stuff that usually makes it to the event each January. There are no release dates or prices for any of this stuff, it's just promised to arrive at some point 'this year'. Odyssey Arc The Odyssey Arc is an insane 4K 55in curved gaming monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio. And it's one of those devices that at first glance appears to be the kind of crazy tech that looks great but in reality nobody will use. Further thought, though, brings you to wondering why nobody ever thought of it before.

It's huge, of course, which gamers do like, but it can also pivot to portrait mode as well as offering a more traditional view.

In portrait mode, though, the screen curves over the top of your head as you play… which, no doubt, will make for a considerably more immersive experience. Nowatch As you might guess from the name, the Nowatch is not a watch, even though it looks very much like one. It's actually more or less a wellbeing tracker… with a twist.

Described by its makers as the world's first 'Awareable', its goal is to foster in its users a new, more balanced relationship with technology. The new thing inside is a sensor that can measure your stress levels, but it also does the usual stuff - heart rate, activity, and sleep, with lots of metrics gathered and analysed via smartphone app.

The USP is that analysis is more holistic and aims to puzzle out how all things come together to influence your mood. As there is no display there is no feedback during the day aside from gentle vibrations which are designed to draw your attention back to the present moment.


As well as interchangeable straps, there are also interchangeable 'faces' of all kinds of different materials, with the discs attaching to the front of the device magnetically. Eco 2 Remote Another one to file under 'wild but useful' is this new humble remote control for your...

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