Worthing Improvement Act 1803

Publication Date:January 01, 1803
Worthing Improvement Act 1803

(43 Geo. 3) c. lix

An Act for paving, lighting, cleansing, watching, and improving the Streets, Passages, and Places, within the Town of Worthing, in the County of Sussex; for removing and preventing Annoyances and Obstructions therein; and for establishing an effective Police in the said Town

[11 June 1803]

ANNO QUADRACESIMO TERTIO GEOREII III. REGIS. \ip]f T v * + ^ V VW ? ^ ^' *K* ^* flt W fl*'*h V V ^VT^V V4*W ^Wf VVVillhV J|t Vt?f? J|* 4* V 3f vfl *V ? V C#/ . 59. An Ad for paving, lighting, cleanfing, watching, and imprDv^g'^he Streets,* Paffages, and Places, within the'Town"ofyWorthing* in*: the County or S^i for iemoving^nd ' preventing Annoyances and Gbftru&idnS therein;: alnd1 for eftablifhing an effeflive Police in the Yaic'Town. [1 ith June 1803.] W HEREAS the feyeral publick Streets, Lanes, Ways, Paffages* and Places, already made and built, and which are now making and building within the Hamlet of Worthing^ in the Parilh of Broadwater, in the County of Suffix 9 are in many Parts incommodious and ynfa/e for Paflengers ; are not properly pavedi cleanfed, lighted^ or watched; are very narrow and inconvenient, and are fubjeft to various Huifances, Annoyance^, Encroachments, and Obftru&ions : And whereas othet Streets, Lanes, Ways, Paflages, and Places, may be made or built within the fame Hamlet, which may be fubjedt or liable to the fame or frmilar Inconveniences, an^/tt would tend greatly to, the Convenience, Benefit, and Safety of the Publick, %% well of the Owners and Inhabitants [Loc. y Per.2 K of *05o 43d GEORGII III. Cap. 59. of Houfes already built or building, and of fuch other Houfes as may hereafter be built therein, and to all Perfons reforting thereto,, if fuch Streets, Lanes* Ways, Paflages, and places were properly paved, cleanfed, lighted, watched,^an^Vfe^liJed, ahdlf slII Nuifances^Annoyances, En** croachments, afrd Obftjru&ions, were Removed or prevented, and if a proper and effe&ive Police were eftablifhed in the faid Hamlet % but the fevcral Pbrpofes aforefaid .cannot be effe&ed without the Aid and Authority of Parliimmt;: M,ay it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it jpay be enaded", -and be it ena&ed by the fcing*s moft Excellent IVIajcfty, by and with the Advice -and Cnfent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament afiembied, and by the Authority of Cbmmiffion- fame That John Atkins, Sir Cecil Bi/shopp Baronet, Sir Charles Meyrick ers appointed Burrell Baronet, Walter Burrell, Edward Barker, Cecil Bifshopp, 'Thomas Bufhby, Robert Bujhby, Thomas Burden^ John Croft^ Ambrofe Cartwright, Charles Carter J rRiehaP$ John Fuller, Robert Hurft, Thomas Henty, John Hide, John Hickox, Edward Hider Thomas Hogsflejh, William Holcombe, James Heather, John Joanes, James Martin Lloyd, John Lyall, Henry Lane, Charles Lennox, Richard Lindupp, Henry Lindupp, William MargeJfony Michael Morrah, John Markiptck,John Markwick janipr, Edward Moorey John Ne$ulqnd? Jj)hn Newfand junior, George Neiylandf Richard Newland of Toriingtpti, Rdebtird Newland o£ Broadwater* -Edward Ogle, James Ogle* William QHiver* George Porter, William Stephen Poyntz* John Penfold James Penfold, Edward Penfold, Richard Penfold, Henry Phillips, Richard Palmer, John Rice, Thomas Richardfon, William Weftbrook Richardfon, John Millard Rogers, ^ndneyu Renckert* William Stafford* Thomas Smith, John SnelUng, Richard Stubbs9 Edward Stanford, Byfshe Shelley, Timothy Shelley, Miles Stringer, John Tidey, David Thomas, Charles Finer, Peter Wood Clerk, William Wicks, John Whitmore, and Harry Winton% (being refpe&ively qualified as hereinafter mentioned, and taking the Oat^ he rein-after required) fhall be and:they are hereby appointed Commiffioners for putting this Ad in Execution. Boundaviei 5f K; &*$ ^e lt ^urt^r £na&ed, That the Taijd .Hamlet ;qTWorthing (hall the Town of henceforth be, and i e jelled and deferibed the J own o^ Worthing i vand TefJtibid. the ^ "Commiflto*ers ft all and may ereft Bound Stores or Potts for t'he::better ^Icertairiing and .preferving the Limits of the faid Town, in cafe tvhey t(hs|l;l judge the fame necefTary, and the Expence thereof iihall be defrayed out of the publick Rates.berein-after mentioned; Provided always, that the faid Town fhall neverthelefs continue to be Part of the faid Parifli of Broadwater, anil to be fubjeft to and charged with all Rates, Taxes, Tythes, and other Payments whatfoever, as JPart of the faid Parifh, in like Manner as before the making and pafling of this A& commence- HI And be it further ena&ed, That this Aft (hall com me nee, and Jake meat of the £ffea upon the Firft Monday after the paffmg thereof, on whichDay a General Meeting of the faid Commiffioners fhall be had at the Houfe of Edmund Blannt in Worthing aforefaid, at the Hour of Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for carrying this Act into Execution, and fuch Meeting fhall confift of Seven at the lead of the faid Commiffioners ; and a General Meeting of the Commiffioners fhall be held for carrying the fame into Execution on'every Monday afterwards, at the fame Hour and Place, unlefs fomc other Hour* Day or Days in the Week or Year, or fome 436 GEORG1I III Cap. 59- io$i fome other Place in Worthing aforefaid, fhall be appointed by the Com* miffioners affembled at the laid Fjrft Meeting, or any fubfequent Meet* ing at which there fhall be Seven Com miflioners affembled ; and if at the Time when the. faid Meetings ai;e hereby required, or fhall be fo j}s aforefaid appointed to be held/ Jthere fhall not bg at each fuch Meeting Seven Commiffioners prefent, then eich fuch Meeting fhall (land ad* journed to the next Day on .which a Meeting in purfuance of this Aft: would otherwife be held, or fhall at a prior Meeting have been appointed to be held as aforefaid ; and no Aft, Order, Rule, Refolution, pr Pro* ceeding of the Commiffioners fhall be valid or effeftual unlefs had, mad? or jdone at a Meeting or Meetings to be held in purfuance of this Aft j and that all the Powers and Authorities by this Aft granted to or vefted in the) faid Commiffioners fhall and may, from Time to Ti/np, be eater* cifed by th*-major Part of the fjom.miffioners prefent at any Meeting to be holden by virtue of thi$ Aft, the Number of Commiffioners prefect at fuch Meeting not being lefs than Seven except any other Number is herein particularly mentioned; and that at fuch Firft Meeting for putting this Aft in Execution, One of the Commiffioners prefent thereat fhall bje appointed -Chairman, to whom any One other of fuch Comtpiflioners lhall and is hereby authorized and, required to adminifter the Oath hereinafter mentioned, and fuch Chairnpn lhall immediately afterwards adminifter the like Oath to the other Commiffioners then prefent j and at every other Meeting a Chairman (hall in like Manner be appointed, and the Chairman for the Time beiflg fhall andjs hjer^byalonje a.uthori^ed and re* quired to adminifter the Oath hereby rtquir^d to be taken by the faid Commiffioners and their Succeflbrs ; and, iri all Cafes where there (hall arife a Difference pf Opinion, the Qyeilion fhall be decided by a Ma* jority of Votes of th^e Commiffioners then prefent, and if upon any Quef* tioii there {hall be an equal Number of Yo'tes (including the'.Chairman's Vote?) then the Chairman Distil have'another or'editing Vote r and ,that no Qrder, fLule, Refolution, or Proceeding, had, made, or done at any ^Meeting held in'purfuance of this Aft, at which there fhall Kave 6$en Seven Commiflipners prefent, (hall be revoked, fufpended, or altered, unlefs at fome fubfequent Special Meeting to be held for that Purpofe (which any Nine or more of the Commiffioners are hereby empowered to call, and of which Meeting' at leaft Ten Days previous Notice of the Time, Place, and Purpofe (hall be given to or left at the refpeftive Places of Abode of the Commiffioners having a Refidencein Worthing* or within Three Miles thereof) a greater Number of Commiffioners than were prefent at the Meeting or Meetings at which fuch Order, Rule, Re-folution, or Proceeding propofed or intended to ,be revoked, fufpended, or altered, (hall have been made, (hall be prefent, .and lhall concur ia the Revocation, Sufpenfion, or Alteration thereof, and in fuch Cafe no other Meeting for the Execution of this Aft fhall be held until after the Day expreffed in fuch Notice $ and at-every Meeting the Commiffioners prefent thereat (hall pay their own Expences, IV. Provided neverthelefs, and be it further enafted, That if there be Provifions for any particular Occafion to:hold a Meeting before the Time at which my ifl^Xi^^ Meetingnis hereby required, or fhall be fo as aforefaid appointedto be ingofth* held, then and in fuch Cafe it (hall be lawful for the faid Commiffioners^ Commimon, or their Clerk for the Time being, and they or he.are; and is hereby required to call a Special Meeting, of which Ten Days previous Notice (hall *sz 43 GEORGII III. Gap. 59^ fhall be given in the fame1 Manner as is herein-before mentioned in tltet Cafe and for the Purpofe of calling a Meeting to revoke, fufpend, or alter a former Order, HUle or Proceeding, and in like Manner no Meeting for the Execution of this-Act lhall be held until after the Day ex-preffed in the Notice for fuch Special Meeting. Qualification V; Prdvided always* and be it further enacted, That no Perfon {hall fio^rfmif* 'be'capable of adting as a Commiffionef in any Cafe in the Execution of this Act-during the Time he fhall hold or enjoy any Office or Place of Profit under or be concerned directly or indirectly in any Contract made by virtue of this Act * or in afty Cafe wherein he fhall be in any wife per - fonally or beneficially interefted in the Matter in queftion (except as a Creditor on the'Kates' of Aflefiments herein-after required to be leviedi), nor untefs fuchCommiflibhet^fliall in his own&ight, or in the Right,iof his then late or prefent Wife, be in the1 actual Poflefiion or Receipt,of...

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