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Published date31 December 2023
Publication titlePeople, The
ARIES (21 MARCH - 20 APRIL) LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS Venus together with Mercury in your sign in April will set the romantic stage ablaze. If you think you know everything about the art of love, seduction and romance, you are in for a surprise. Some new, exquisite lessons will be learned from a fascinating teacher. Friendships begun in September may not last, but they will be inspiring and broaden your social contacts. An impromptu trip in November will lead you to a new romantic interest if you are single. New romantic possibilities will fill you with excitement

HEALTH & HAPPINESS Taking part in activities that inspire and uplift you will be good for your health as the year begins. You take your responsibilities seriously, but you also need to focus on areas that give you pleasure. There's more to life than work and making money. Any health problems should be addressed immediately in September. Avoiding certain foods and getting more sleep will get you back on the road to wellness. Steer clear of toxic people in December. Nothing saps your strength like people who try to interfere in your life. Creative efforts will give your confidence a boost.

£ MONEY & WORK Keep on the lookout for better prospects in the spring. Even if you have no plans to leave your current job, take every opportunity to showcase your skills. You will win the respect of your superiors and a well-deserved promotion. What's important is that you feel able to fulfil your potential. Jupiter will bring luck with money your way mid-August. Making plans for your financial future will give you a stronger sense of control. Get into the habit of saving a portion of your monthly income and watch your nest egg grow.


TAURUS (21 APRIL - 21 MAY) LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS Life gets interesting as the year begins when you are unusually keen to experiment with new ideas and take part in different interests. If you aren't pouring all your energy into your love life it's because you have so many other activities to pursue. It isn't that you are neglecting friends and loved ones, but you will be establishing firm boundaries. Venus promises you an exciting month in May. You will be genuinely thrilled with some of the romantic surprises in store. Single? A relationship that begins in November will develop into a long and loyal union.

HEALTH & HAPPINESS Make it your aim to live life to the full. To get the best out of Venus in your sign in May, be sure to exercise your imagination. Mighty oaks of expression from small acorns of thought will grow and this will enable you to put your creative and artistic talents to good use. Although you will find alternative remedies soothing in the autumn, it will be traditional forms of medicine that help cure a nagging problem. Your home will be a comfortable haven from public life. As the year ends, peace is more precious than gold.

£ MONEY & WORK Stay true to yourself and make it a priority to forge your own path. Instead of trying to satisfy other people, seek to please yourself. A career objective can be reached by July when making gradual changes will suit you better than an overnight transformation. Have payment plans in place if you are taking out a loan in the autumn. A legal matter could have long-term repercussions. When it comes to anything financial, keep your wits about you. An unexpected sum of money will find its way to you in November.


GEMINI (22 MAY - 21 JUNE) LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS You will adapt to a partner's changing moods with surprising ease as the year begins. After new arrangements are agreed, these will strengthen your bonds. Travelling with family and friends will be uplifting in the summer whether it's a long journey or a series of short trips. Trust your intuition with both romance and finance in the autumn. You will be making the right choices even if progress seems to be excruciatingly slow. Don't let this make you impatient or you could blow everything with a careless word or gesture.

HEALTH & HAPPINESS Time alone helps you tune into your hidden psychic potentials as the year begins. You're about to discover a new perspective on life. If you've been thinking about writing a book, get started now. Pay attention to what you eat in the spring. Create relaxed meal times, reduce processed food and add fibre-rich proteins to your diet to boost your brain power. Jupiter...

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