Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCourt of Appeal Civil Division forms
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Form 201
Which court is the Appeal Court?
The appeal court is the court to which an appeal is made. The route of appeal depends on:
the type of case
the court from whose decision the appeal is brought (‘the lower court’)
who made that decision (e.g. a district judge or a circuit judge) and the type of
This leaf‌let seeks to provide general guidance on the routes of appeal. It does not and
cannot provide authoritative guidance.
You must make sure you f‌ile your appellant’s notice in the correct appeal court.
Family proceedings
The Court of Appeal is the appeal court where the decision being appealed was made by:
a Circuit Judge or Recorder in public law child proceedings (ie where the court is
considering whether to make a care order or an adoption order);
a High Court Judge;
see page 3 for second appeals.
Routes of Appeal
This leaf‌let explains what you need to do in order to comply with Part 52 of the
Civil Procedure Rules and the Practice Direction which supplements that Part.

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