Absent owner application form

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterLands Chamber (Upper Tribunal) forms
T362 - Absent Owner applic ation form (12.16) © Crown copyright 2016
Absent Owner application form
Form AO
AO / /
We (name of
Acquiring Authority)
Notice of application to the Lands Chamber for the determination of the value of compulsorily acquired land under:
(tick one box only)
The Compulsory Purchase Act 1965, sections 5 and 21
The Land Causes Consolidation Act 1845, sections 58 and 106
Note: The absent owner procedure is not available where there was a general vesting declaration. Instead the reference
procedure applies and you should le a Notice of Reference (Form Ref (Authority)).
Description of land/property
(e.g. house, vacant plot)
Location or address of land/
property (postal address
or map reference)
Nature of interest to be
(e.g. freehold, leasehold)
Nature of any known charge
over the land
(if none state ‘none’)
Date of entry on the land
Statutory provision under
which the compulsory
purchase order was made
(e.g. Highways Act, Housing Act)
being an Authority to whom the Land Compensation Act 1961 applies and which is or may be liable for the
payment of compensation hereby apply for a member of the Tribunal to determine the amount of compensation
payable on the compulsory acquisition of the land specied below.
Steps taken to locate the owner/owners
(attach a detailed list of steps taken, when they were taken and their outcome)
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