AuthorGeorge Dick - Conor Keir - Ritchie McNeil
PositionManaging Editors 2017/18 (into 2018/19)
Acknowledgements from the Managing Editors
Overall, this year has undoubtedly been a busy one for the DSLR, with the journal going through
a lot of changes: notably, we have published 2 issues (a trend which we hope can continue for
the foreseeable future) and we got a brand new website- both of which took a surprising
amount of time and effort, but it was definitely worthwhile. We are absolutely delighted with
the progress of the journal this year, and we hope such successes will continue into the
upcoming academic year!
The Managing Editors could not do this alone, and there are several people who we want to
thank for their assistance throughout the whole year. First, we want to thank Ruth Oglivie-
Brown, our old website manager, for her guidance and work on updating our old website on our
behalf, which she has done for some time. Without her expert knowledge and exemplary efforts
for the last couple of years, the Law Review would have been unable to upload content directly
to Dundee Website where it would be widely visible to the student body and public. While we
now have a new website, we are still greatly appreciative of Ruth taking the time to edit our
website on our behalf. On the topic of our new website, we want to thank UoD IT Staff for their
help in setting it up and putting it on the Dundee website (along with their patience with us!).
We also want to thank law student Gemma Ambrosini for taking the photographs of our
editorial board this year. This process took a surprising amount of time, given how editors were
         G time and patience in taking
the photos for us.
The Managing Editors also want to send their regards to the Editorial Board for this year!
Everyone did a fantastic job this year, making sure pieces were completed in a timely manner.
The expectations this year were higher than ever, and the editors did not disappoint us with
their fantastic efforts. We wish all those who are now leaving the Editorial Board the best of luck
in their future endeavours!
We also want to thank our anonymous peer reviewers for their expert opinions on all the
different articles we have published this year. Without their critical eye, there would be many
errors which would have gone unnoticed, so we are as appreciative of them giving up their time
to help the journal ensure pieces are at the highest standards.
Lastly of course, we want to thank the public for their constant support throughout the year.
Whether it be submitting an article, sharing our posts or even just reading through our
publications, we are very grateful for all of your support. We hope we can get even more
submissions next year, so we hope everyone will consider submitting an article!
George Dick, Conor Keir and Ritchie McNeil
Managing Editors 2017/18 (into 2018/19)

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