Adjudication of Ofcom Content Sanctions Committee - Auctionworld Limited

IssuerOffice of Communications
On the basis detailed in the Decision:
Under powers delegated from the Ofcom Board to Ofcom’s Content Sanctions
Committee, Ofcom has decided:
a) to give notice to Auctionworld Ltd (“Auctionworld”) that Ofcom intends to
revoke its licence: however, in accordance with section 238 (2)(c) of the
Communications Act 2003 (“the Act”), Ofcom is first required to specify a
period in which Auctionworld should take certain specified steps to remedy its
breaches of the Ofcom Code (with which it is obliged to comply), and should
only proceed to revocation if it considers that Auctionworld has failed to take
those steps; such steps to include steps designed to satisfy Ofcom that
customers’ complaints have been properly resolved;
b) to fine Auctionworld £450,000 (payable to HM Paymaster General);
c) to direct Auctionworld to include in its licensed service (Auctionworld) a
statement of Ofcom’s findings, three times a day for 21 days with immediate
Following an unprecedented number of complaints received by Ofcom, Ofcom
considered that the following breaches of the Advertising Standards Code (“the
Code”) by Auctionworld were extremely serious:
Delays in delivery of goods and poor customer service in breach of:
Section 11.2.2(c) : Adequate arrangements to handle enquiries
Section 11.2.2 (e) : Fulfilment of orders within advertised time

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