Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal - Information sheet

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterImmigration and Asylum Tribunal forms

Part A


Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal

Information sheet

Complete this form only if you (the Appellant) have a right of appeal from within the United Kingdom, are detained at an Immigration Removal Centre and this form was issued with your refusal letter.

To help you complete this form, refer to the guidance provided. Help can also be found at

Please retain this information sheet.

Completing the form

The completed form should be:

  • Written in English
  • Written in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS using black ink
  • Received by the Tribunal at the address shown on bottom of Part B no later than 14 days after you are sent the Refusal Letter by the Home Office.

Please tick the boxes where appropriate, to show your answer.


Before you submit your appeal use the checklist below to ensure that we can successfully create your appeal.

Have you enclosed a copy of your Refusal Letter?

Have you enclosed a copy of your Reasons for Refusal which were attached to your Refusal letter?

Have you provided details of the Grounds of your appeal?

Have you provided us with Out of Time reasons (if applicable)?

Have you provided us with photocopies of your documents?
(Do not send original documents e.g. Passport, Marriage/Birth certificate/ID Card)

Have you completed all the relevant sections?

Have you signed the relevant declarations at page 7 and page 8?

Please Note: Incomplete appeal forms will be returned to addressee.

Part B


Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal

Information sheet

Returning the form

  • Please detach this information sheet to keep for your records; please do not send it with the completed form.
  • You must send all pages of a completed form to the First-tier Tribunal
  • Send your completed appeal form together with the copy of your Refusal Letter and any other documents to the First-tier Tribunal either by post to:

First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)

IA Harmondsworth

Colnbrook By-Pass




Or you can FAX to: 0870 761 7721

  • You can either post or fax your appeal but do not do both, as this could cause delays to your appeal. Or you can give it to the person having custody of you.

Documents to send

You must provide:

  • The signed and completed Appeal Form IAFT-5(DIA) for each person wishing to appeal.
  • A copy of your Refusal Letter (if you do not send this you must explain why)
  • A copy of the Reasons for Refusal (which you should have received with the Refusal Letter)
  • Photocopies of any other documents in support of your appeal (in English or a certified translation)
  • A completed Application for Anonymity form if you do not want the Tribunal to publish your name on any court documents.

Please do not provide any original documents (e.g. Passports, Marriage/ birth Certificates, Identification cards). Handling such documents results in a delay to our process. Alternatively, you can provide photocopies.

Changes and contacting us

You must notify the Tribunal in writing if you change your address or representative. If you have any queries after you have submitted your appeal you can contact the Tribunal hearing centre dealing with your appeal. Initially this will be IA Harmondsworth (see below) but once you have received your IA30 listing notice you should use the contact details on that letter.

IA Harmondsworth: Tel: 020 8750 7760


Appeal against your Home Office Decision

Appeal Lodged:
(for FTT(IAC) use only)

Type of Decision:

(tick one box)

Protection (PA)

Human Rights (HU)

Revocation of Protection Status (RP)


EU Settlement Scheme (includes deportation cancellation and curtailment decisions)


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