Application for refund of Employment Tribunal fees refund form for multiple claims and sponsors

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterEmployment Appeal Tribunal forms
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Application for refund of
Employment Tribunal fees
Refund Form 3-S
for Multiple claims and sponsors
Refund Form 3-S for multiple claims and sponsors (06.18)
This is the form for persons who were representatives or sponsors of a party to an employment tribunal
claim, and for persons who were the lead claimant in a multiple claim of 11 or more.
There is a separate form for claimants and respondents who are applying for a refund - Refund Form 1/2-CR
for claimants or respondents.
If you were a representative or sponsor, or a lead claimant, but your circumstances are dierent to those
listed below, please tell us why in Section 2: Additional Information.
If you were one of the claimants in a multiple case, but not the lead claimant, you should consult with the
lead claimant and/or your sponsor in the rst instance.
Note - if you were a representative or sponsor who paid the fee on behalf of a sole claimant, and the
claimant reimbursed you for the fee, then you are not eligible to apply for a refund; in such circumstances,
the claimant should apply for a refund (using the Form 1/2-CR).
If you made and paid fees for more than one claim, in place of Section 2, please ll in the ‘ET Refund Bulk
form (XLS)’ provided and send together with this form.
If you require any guidance in relation to accessing or applying for an ET fees refund or general
information on a refund of fees then please call the Customer Contact Centre on:
0300 123 1024 (England & Wales)
0300 790 6234 (Scotland).

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