Form T110

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterMental Health Tribunal forms and guidance
Page 1
Application to First-tier Tribunal
(Mental Health)
The Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (HESC) Rules 2008
Do not complete this form if the patient is subject to guardianship, you must complete form
T116 - Guardianship - Application to First-tier Tribunal.
1. What type of application are you applying for?
Application for a Section 2 Patient
Application for a Community Patient (CTO or Conditional Discharge)
Application for a non-restricted inpatient
Application for a RESTRICTED inpatient
Application by the patient’s Nearest Relative
Other application by a non-restricted patient
2. What is the patient’s full name?
3. What is the patient’s date of birth?
4. Under what Section is the patient detained?
5. What is the date of the original Section?
6. Where does the patient currently live?
in hospital
in the community
An application must be completed
according to the Procedure Rules.
The Tribunal may return an application
form that is not complete.
A copy of the Procedure Rules can be
found on our website:
T110 - Application to First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) (10.18)

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