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RENEWAL 20.1 spring 2012

Editorial Alex Salmond's journey Ben Jackson Taking on the 'predators' The lessons of neo-liberalism Daniel Stedman Jones Philosophical foundations for 'good' capitalism Martin O'Neill and Thad Williamson Fending off locusts by shouting Ed Turner Political strategy for a new economy Graeme Cooke Interview What they don't tell you about capitalism Ha-Joon Chang interviewed by James Stafford Essay The UK's economic performance under Labour Dan Corry, Anna Valero and John Van Reenen Notebook The other Israel Toby Greene, Alan Johnson and Noam Leshem Review essay Civic republicanism in Zapatero's Spain Stuart White Reviews R. Daniel Kelemen reviewed by Andy Tarrant Alistair Darling reviewed by Robert Saunders

RENEWAL 20.2/3 autumn 2012

Editorial Twenty years of Renewal Ben Jackson Labour's opportunity The identity crisis of Jon Cruddas Sunder Katwala Lessons from the Conservatives Tim Bale My Labour, New Labour, twenty-first century Labour Phil Wilson Interview Obama and American progres-sivism an interview with Robert Kuttner The return of the common good The republic, old and new Philip Pettit The moral economy of Occupy Wall Street Frances Fox Piven Who or what is to blame? Neal Lawson Anti-politics and what the left can do about it William Brett Decentralising the left Dilemmas of American federalism Conor Gaffney Rebalancing the regions Lewis Goodall The political economy of Scottish independence Michael Keating Farewell to homo economicus? Crowding effects on intrinsic motivation Bruno Frey The failure of executive incentive schemes Tom Powdrill Adam Smith and motivation crowding out Lisa Herzog Behaviour and the welfare state John Welshman Notebook Explaining Hollande's victory Jocelyn Evans Reviews Ferdinand Mount reviewed by Danny Dorling Richard Bourke and Alvin Jackson reviewed by James Stafford Diane Coyle reviewed by Bill Blackwater Jan-Werner Muller reviewed by Christopher Brooke Stephen Brooke reviewed by Olivia Bailey Martin O'Neill and Thad Williamson reviewed by Natan Doron

RENEWAL 20.4 winter 2012

Guest editorial One Nation Labour and Sweden's 'people's home' Katrine Kielos For a more radical social democracy The radical potential of democratising capital Joe Guinan On the death of financialised capitalism Bill Blackwater The strange victory of German conservatism The state of German conservatism Clara Maier German ordo-liberalism and the politics of vitality Werner Bonefeld Essays 'Common schools for...

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