Book Review: Brett Christophers, Banking across Boundaries: Placing Finance in Capitalism

AuthorLiam Stanley
Published date01 May 2016
Date01 May 2016
Subject MatterBook ReviewsGeneral Politics
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Political Studies Review 14 (2)
International Politics and Film: Space,
One might miss great classics that would have
Vision, Power by Sean Carter and Klaus
been similarly fruitful, in particular as contrast-
Dodds. New York: Wallflower Press, 2014.
ing visions of a pre-9/11 and an allegedly bipo-
126pp., £14.00, ISBN 9780231169714
lar world. We can thus only hope that the
Films and television productions have become
publisher’s ‘Short Cuts’ series may soon include
frequent companions in political science classes,
additional volumes for political scientists.
for obvious reasons. Not only do they illustrate
subjects of relevance, be it the realities of war or
Claudia Franziska Brühwiler
people trafficking, but students also tend to
(University of St. Gallen)
appreciate movie-based discussions as they link
leisure with academic interests. However, one
may tend to look at film, as Carter and Dodds
point out, ‘as simply a representational medium,
one that rather imperfectly represented the com-
This review first appeared in Political Studies
13 (4) but the publisher was incorrectly
plex business of war, diplomacy, statecraft,
given as Columbia University Press rather than
intelligence’ (p. 3). In contrast, the authors want
the Wallflower Press, which is an imprint of
readers to think of films as part of international
Columbia University Press.
politics, as a medium that can teach us to decon-
struct geopolitical norms and categories. The
book explores this interplay of film and politics
along four main topics: ‘Borders’, ‘Exceptional
Banking across Boundaries: Placing Finance
in Capitalism
by Brett Christophers.
Spaces’, ‘Distant Others’ and ‘Homeland’.
Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. 302pp., £19.99
Chapter 2 analyses how three films challenge
(p/b), ISBN 9781444338287
the idea of definite borders, each taking on dif-
ferent border spaces. Carter and Dodds effec-
Brett Christopher’s Banking Across Boundaries

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