Books Received

Publication Date01 December 2003
Books Received
Paul R. ABRAMSON, Steven D. PINKERTON, and Mark HUPPIN, Sexual
Rights in America, New York, New York University Press, 2003, $27.95.
Abdullahi Ahmed AN-NA'IM (ed.), Human Rights Under African
Constitutions, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003, npg.
Reza BANAKAR, Merging Law and Sociology: Beyond the Dichotomies in
Socio-Legal Research, Berlin, Galda and Wilch Verlag, 2003, npg.
Richard W. BAUMAN, Ideology and Community in the First Wave of
Critical Legal Studies, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2002,
£42.00 (hbk), £18.00 (pbk).
Patrick BIRKINSHAW, European Public Law, London, Butterworths, 2003,
Bette L. BOTTOMS, Margaret Bull KOVERA, and Bradley D. MCAULIFF
(eds.), Children, Social Science, and the Law, Cambridge, Cambridge
University Press, 2002, £55.00 (hbk), £19.95 (pbk).
Patrick BRODE, Courted and Abandoned: Seduction in Canadian Law,
Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2002, £28.00.
Jerome BRUNER, Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life, London, Harvard
University Press, 2003, £9.50.
David CAMPBELL, Hugh COLLINS, and John WIGHTMAN (eds.),
Implicit Dimensions of Contract, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2003, £35.00.
Enid CAMPBELL and H.P. LEE, The Australian Judiciary, Cambridge,
Cambridge University Press, 2002, £50.00.
Rachel COOK, Shelley DAY SCLATER, and Felicity KAGANAS (eds.),
Surrogate Motherhood, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2003, £35.00.
Roger COTTERRELL, The Politics of Jurisprudence ± A Critical
Introduction to Legal Philosophy (2nd edn.), London, Lexis Nexis,
2003, £22.95.
Howard DAVIS, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Cullompton, Willan
Publishing, 2003, £25.00.
Alan DERSHOWITZ, Letters To A Young Lawyer, New York, Basic Books,
2003, £12.99.
John DEWAR and Stephen PARKER (eds.), Family Law: Processes,
Practices, Pressures, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2003, £55.00.
Joseph F.C. DIMENTO, The Global Environment and International Law,
Texas, University of Texas Press, 2003, £16.95.
David DOWNES and Paul ROCK, Understanding Deviance (4th edn.),
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003, £23.99.
ßBlackwell Publishing Ltd 2003, 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK and
350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148, USA

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