Books Received

Published date01 June 2020
Date01 June 2020
T. Alexander ALEINIKOFF and Leah ZAMORE, The Arc of Protection:
Reforming the International Refugee Regime, Palo Alto, CA, Stanford
University Press, 2019, £11.99.
Diamond ASHIAGBOR (ed.), Re-Imagining Labour Law for Development:
Informal Work in the Global North and South, Oxford, Hart Publishing,
2019, £65.00.
Hadar AVIRAM, Yesterday’s Monsters: The Manson Family Cases and the
Illusion of Parole, Berkeley, CA, University of California Press, 2020,
Sarah BABB, Regulating Human Research: IRBs from Peer Review to
Compliance Bureaucracy, Palo Alto, CA, Stanford University Press, 2020,
Susan BARTIE, Free Hands and Minds: Pioneering Australian Legal
Scholars, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2019, £70.00.
Kinnari I. BHATT, Concessionaires, Financiers and Communities:
Implementing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Land in Transnational
Development Projects, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2020,
Gisela BICHLER, Understanding Criminal Networks: A Research Guide,
Berkeley, CA, University of California Press, 2019, £29.00.
Rachel CAHILL-O’CALLAGHAN, Values in the Supreme Court: Decisions,
Division and Diversity, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2020, £60.00.
Sonali CHAKRAVARTI, Radical Enfranchisement in the Jury Room and
Public Life, Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press, 2020, $22.50.
Malcolm COMBE, Jane GLASS, and Annie TINDLEY (eds), Land Reform
in Scotland: History, Law and Policy, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University
Press, 2020, £19.99.
William CORNISH, Stephen BANKS, Charles MITCHELL, Paul
MITCHELL, and Rebecca PROBERT, Law and Society in England
1750–1950 (2nd edn), Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2019, £39.99.
Spencer DEW, The Aliites: Race and Law in the Religions of Noble Drew Ali,
Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press, 2019, $30.00.
William J. DRUMMOND, Prison Truth: The Story of the San Quentin News,
Berkeley, CA, University of California Press, 2020, £23.00.
Anne M. O. GRIFFITHS, Transformations on the Ground: Space and the
Power of Land in Botswana, Indiana, IN, Indiana University Press, 2019,
Jill Elaine HASDAY, Intimate Lies and the Law, Oxford, Oxford University
Press, 2019, £22.99.
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