Broads Authority Act 2009

JurisdictionEngland & Wales
Citation2009 c. i
Broads Authority Act 2009
1 Short and collective titles
2 Interpretation
3 Appointed day
Regulation and management of navigation area
Directions to vessels, etc.
4 General directions to vessels
5 Procedure for making general directions, etc.
6 Special directions to vessels
7 Failure to comply with directions
8 Enforcement of special directions
9 Masters responsibility in relation to vessels
10 Directions as to loading or unloading of vessels, etc.
Safety of vessels, etc.
11 Byelaws for registration of vessels
12 Construction and equipment standards
13 Standards appeals panel
14 Vessels: insurance requirements
15 Offences as to standards and insurance requirements
16 Exemption of certain vessels
Broads Authority Act 2009 (c. i)
Other provisions as to vessels
17 Entry on and inspection of vessels
18 Meaning of unsafe vessel
19 Powers as to unsafe vessels, etc.
20 Removal of unsafe vessels
21 Requests for information as to vessels
22 Notices requiring information from masters and owners, etc. as to vessels
23 Notices requiring information from landowners, etc. as to vessels
24 Entry on land
Water skiing and wake boarding, etc.
25 Coming into force, etc. of provisions as to water skiing and wake boarding
26 Zones for water skiing or wake boarding
27 Permits for water skiing and wake boarding
28 Directions as to water skiing and wake boarding
29 Offences as to water skiing and wake boarding
30 Cancellation and amendment of permits
31 Appeals
32 Water skiing and wake boarding: interpretation
33 Meaning of personal water craft, etc.
34 Meaning of vesselin certain byelaws
35 Breydon Water and Lower Bure
36 Haddiscoe Cut
37 Agreements with others
38 Provision of information
39 Removal of vegetation, etc.
40 Application of requirements of Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907
41 For protection of Network Rail
42 Protection of Crown interests
43 Transitional provisions, amendments, repeals and revocations
Schedule 1 — Procedures as to general directions
Schedule 2 — Provisions as to appeals panels
Schedule 3 — Requirements as to insurance policies
Schedule 4 — Breydon Water and the Lower Bure
Schedule 5 — Sections of Public Health Act 1936 applied by section 39(5)
Schedule 6 — Transitional provisions
Part 1 — General provisions
Part 2 — Boat safety standards
Part 3 — Water skiing and wake boarding
Part 4 — Pleasure boat licences
Schedule 7 — Amendments to the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988
Broads Authority Act 2009 (c. i)iii
Schedule 8 — Enactments repealed or revoked
Part 1 — Enactments repealed on the coming into force of this Act
Part 2 — Enactments repealed on the appointed day
Part 3 — Revocations

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