Chapter GIM3180

CourtHM Revenue & Customs
Record NumberGIM3180
Published date15 April 2016

There are eight direct and facultative accounting classes and three treaty accounting classes, as set out below. The eight accounting classes set out in Appendix 9.16 in Volume II of IPRU(INS) correspond to business within the 18 general insurance business classes These are different from the groups for the purposes of granting authorisations for more than one type of insurance. GIM3100 lists the insurance classes and authorisation groups.

Accounting classes for direct insurance and facultative reinsurance
1 Accident and health
2 Motor
3 Aviation
4 Marine
5 Transport
6 Property
7 Third party liability
8 Miscellaneous and pecuniary loss
Accounting classes for treaty reinsurance
9 Non-proportional treaty
10 Proportional treaty
11 Marine, aviation and transport (MAT) treaty

Business within the treaty classes (9, 10, and 11) must be further allocated by the insurer into the eight standard business categories (1 to 8) or into its own bespoke business categories.

Annex 11.3 to Chapter 11 of Volume 1 of IPRU(INS) prescribes the categories of business for general insurance reporting purposes. Category 002 is total primary (direct) and facultative...

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