Church Commissioners Measure 1964

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citationmeasure 1964 No. 8

Church Commissioners Measure 1964

A MEASURE passed by the National Assembly of the Church of England to amend the Church Commissioners Measure 1947 and certain other provisions relating to the Estates and Finance Committee and the Church Estates Commissioners.

[31st July 1964]

S-1 Amendment of section 6 of Church Commissioners Measure 1947.

1 Amendment of section 6 of Church Commissioners Measure 1947.

For subsections (1) to (5) of Section 6 of the Church Commissioners Measure 1947(which relates to the functions of the Church Estates Commissioners and the Estates and Finance Committee) there shall be substituted the following subsections:—

(1) There shall be two Committees, one to be known as the General Purposes Committee and the other as the Assets Committee, which shall be constituted as follows:—

( a ) the General Purposes Committee shall consist of the three Church Estates Commissioners and eight other Commissioners appointed by the Board for three years, of whom two shall be diocesan bishops, three shall be clerks in holy orders other than diocesan bishops, and three shall be laymen;

( b ) the Assets Committee shall consist of the First Church Estates Commissioner, one Commissioner being a clerk in holy orders appointed for three years by the Board, and three lay Commissioners appointed for three years by the Archbishop of Canterbury being persons who in his opinion are well qualified to assist in the management of the assets of the Commissioners;

( c ) the first Church Estates Commissioner shall be the chairman of each Committee, and a deputy chairman shall be elected annually by each Committee and shall act as chairman at any meeting at which the chairman is not present;

( d ) the Board may appoint a Commissioner being a clerk in holy orders to act as alternate to the member of the Assets Committee appointed by the Board;

( e ) if any member of either of the said Committees appointed by the Board or any such alternate ceases to have the qualifications by virtue of which he was qualified for his appointment, he shall thereby vacate his appointment.

(2) The functions of the General Purposes Committee shall, subject to any general rules made by the Board, be as follows:—

( a ) to consider and recommend to the Board how to apply or distribute such sums as the Board may have determined to be available for application or distribution;

( b ) to consider and report to the Board on any matters other than those assigned by this section or referred by the Board to any other committee;

( c ) to consider and report on any matter referred to them by the Board, and to act on behalf of the Board in any matter in which they are authorised by the Board so to act;

( d ) to act on behalf of and in the name of the Commissioners in matters relating to the appointment, terms of service, dismissal and direction of the Commissioners' officers (other than the secretary), and the Commissioners' solicitors and agents other than those employed solely in connection with the management of assets, and in matters...

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