Citation of Cases

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Citation of Cases

Some of the many war pensions cases which were decided by nominated High Court judges in England and Wales and by their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland were reported in a series of indexed looseleaf reports originally compiled by the legal adviser to the Ministry of Pensions. The reports are entitled Reports of Selected War Pensions Appeals, cited in this book as ‘WPAR’ (War Pensions Appeal Reports), for example, Giles v Minister of Pensions and National Insurance (1955) 4 WPAR 445. The year shown in brackets is the year in which the case was decided and the number following the date is the number of the volume which contains the report. The page reference is at the end of the citation.

In 2005, the functions of the High Court nominated judges and their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland were transferred to what were then the Social Security Commissioners. The Social Security Commissioners had a well-established system for reporting important cases. The jurisdiction of the Social Security Commissioners in relation to war pensions and armed forces compensation cases was transferred to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal on the creation of the new tribunal in 2008, except that in Northern Ireland the Social Security Commissioners retained jurisdiction over war pension entitlement appeals.

All Upper Tribunal and Commissioners’ cases have file numbers indicating the type of benefit with which the appeal is concerned and the year in which the appeal was registered. In England and Wales, the designation ‘CAF’ is used to denote an armed forces case, for example, CAF/3934/2007. In Scotland, the designation ‘CSAF’ is used. In Northern Ireland, the style is slightly different, for example, C1/06-07(AF). Decisions that are unreported and do not have a neutral citation number are cited using the file number, without identifying the parties.

Decisions of the Upper Tribunal that are published on its website are given a neutral citation number, in accordance with the Senior President’s Practice Statement ‘Form of Decisions and Neutral Citation in the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal on or...

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