Communications Update

Publication Date01 Jun 2000
subjectMatterHealth & social care
Communications Update
Government Publications
Audit Commission (2000) Forget Me Not: mental health
services for older people. Abingdon: Audit Commission
Department of Health (1999) Effective Care Co-
ordination in Mental Health Services: modernising the care
programme approach: a policy booklet. London:
Department of Health.
Department of Health (2000) Guardianship Under the
Mental Health Act 1983: England 1999. London:
Department of Health.
Department of Health (1999) In-patients Formally
Detained in Hospitals under the Mental Health Act 1983
and Other Legislation, England 1988–89 to 1998–99.
London: Department of Health.
Department of Health (1999) In-patients Formally
Detained in Hospitals under the Mental Health Act 1983
and Other Legislation: NHS trusts, high security psychiatric
hospitals and private facilities 1998–99. London:
Department of Health.
Department of Health (2000) Development of Services
for People with Learning Disabilities (Mental Handicap) or
Mental Illness in England: eleventh report prepared
pursuant to Section 11 of the Disabled Persons (Services,
Consultation and Representation Act 1986). London: The
Stationery Office.
Office for National Statistics (1999) Mental Health of
Children and Adolescents. London: Office for National
Watson, A. & Lindsey, R. (1999) Inspection of
Compulsory Mental Health Admissions: Nottingham Social
Services Department July 1999. Manchester: Social
Services Inspectorate.
Health Service Circulars
HSC 2000/010 Implementation of Health Act partnership
HSC 2000/03 After-care under the Mental Health Act
1983: section 117 after-care services.
Department of Health Press Releases
2000/0137 Children and young people accommodated in
secure units during the year ending 31 March 1999,
England and Wales.
2000/0076 Negative images of mental health problems must
be tackled.
2000/0055 Landmark legislation gives carers new rights.
2000/0051 Statistics on guardianship under the Mental
Health Act 1983: year ending 31 March 1999.
2000/0036 North West day centre (for ESMI) wins social
care award.
2000/04 Three London projects (Dementia Team and
MENCAP) win social care awards.
1999/0782 New initiative to improve employment
opportunities for disabled people.
Recent Publications
Dean R. & Craig, T. (1999) Pressure Points: why people
with mental health problems become homeless. London:
Dolan, B. & Powell, D. (2000) The Mental Health Act
Explained. London: The Stationery Office.
Dunn, S. (1999) Creating Accepting Communities: a report
of the MIND inquiry into social exclusion and mental health
problems. London: Mind Publications.
Eastman, N. & Peay, J. (Eds) (1999) Law Without
Enforcement: integrating mental health and justice. Oxford:
Hagell, A. & Bourke Dowling, S. (1999) Scoping Review
of Literature on the Health and Care of Mentally Disordered
Offenders. York: NHS Centre for Reviews and
Howard League for Penal Reform (1999) Desperate
Measures: prison suicides and their prevention. London:
Howard League for Penal Reform.
Joughin, C., Jarrett, L. & MacLean Steel, K. (1999)
FOCUS on Who’s Who in Child and Adolescent Mental
Health Services. London: Royal College of
Psychiatrists’ Research Unit.
The Mental Health Review Volume 5 Issue 2 June 2000 ©Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) 2000 31

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