Cutting Assumptions

Date01 June 1986
AuthorA.H. Tester
Published date01 June 1986
Subject MatterArticles
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organisation of pro*s4vw@» W a pml4tsiod4 ~n~~ °
organisation. ~1’h.ð gerviee surely 1-fieed.4
1 resemm the nmtetw ~1~ ~ th~ Wri5t for
y ~rr~~8s~~~n~l, accounfBb1tH1íoagementämucku ~ ’ alleged sexism. The rdm showed w cdite4 7
it needs other p#oksE1oaQ ~.
As a SeWor,-the
minuta of a 35 minute ’take* in the Mediation:
resources of my 8thG ate everything =
meeting. Th~husblU1dhaâ~ 11 will mt ~~r
morale, motivation, commitmaN ― wefl not quite
apy questions she asks but
I will ~ns~ve~ you’. As
everyflfIng = the Service to theconsunier (client,
the purpose was to establish cotnmunicatiod
~~ur~~~~n~nunit~~, mowh haub4cavy fiflkM,
between theparfies, I repeated the v~~’ ~ question _
higher order.
re ’ability&dquo; to cope which he then answered. The
first programme, Divorce (decided by the BBC
SPO, Portsmouth
incidentally), was produced from over three hours
of filming. The same would apply to the, other
Wasted Opportunity
programmes in the series. I will find MMRcult
I read with interest the reviews
any documentary in the future, because
by Caroline
brilliant editing and cutting can create the
Morganand GrahamNlchollsconœmmgthe BBC
impression of a continuous interview and in set
programme Probation I expect many of us
doing change the emphasis.
working in the Service recognised in ourselves the
Whilst resenting the smack on the wiist, I quite
good andbad elements of professionalpraefice that
enjoyed me
pat on the head for being bra~e. By
were broadcast in what should have been an
means use the videos for
excellent opportunity
training, but beware
to demonstrate tothe public
arrogance in the assessment of colleagues.
our tasks are.

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