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PositionInstitute News - Message from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants' Technical Advisory Service - Brief Article

Data protection is causing concern to UK members, according to CIMA's Technical Advisory Service (TAS). One member received a letter telling him that he had to register if he was holding personal information about clients on his personal computer. On looking at the website of the information commissioner (www., TAS found that he was not alone. A number of businesses have been set up with official-sounding names such as "Data Protection Act Registration Service" and "Data Collection Enforcement Agency". They target likely candidates, giving them the impression that they need to register under the Data Protection Act, and charge up to 95 [pounds sterling] plus VAT for notification (the process by which details are added to the register). The information commissioner warns that companies should not be misled. These businesses have no official standing and the cost of notification is 35 [pounds sterling] a year (no VAT is payable). Another...

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