Decision by Ofcom - Asia TV Ltd

Published date29 July 2015
IssuerOffice of Communications
Sanction 97(15) Asia TV Limited
Sanction: Decision by Ofcom
To be imposed on Asia TV Limited
For material broadcast on Lamhe TV on 17 June 2014 at 09:301
Ofcom’s Decision
of Sanction against: Asia TV Limited (“Asia TVL” or the “Licensee”) in
respect of its service Lamhe TV (TLCS-1439)2.
For: Breach of the March 2013 version of the Ofcom
Broadcasting Code (the “Code”)3 in respect of:
Rule 2.1: Generally accepted standards must be
applied to the content of television and radio services
so as to provide adequate protection for members of
the public from the inclusion in such services of harmful
and/ or offensive material”.
Decision: To impose a financial penalty (payable to HM
Paymaster General) of £25,000.
1 The material broadcast on Lamhe TV and found in breach of Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code (the
“Code”) as detailed in Broadcast Bulletin 265, dated 3 November 2014 (“the Breach Decision”). See
2 Asia TVL currently holds seven Television Licensable Content Service (“TLCS”) licences. At the time
of broadcast one of the Licensee’s TLCS licences was for the Lamhe TV service. However, Asia TVL
surrendered its licence for this service on 30 March 2015.
3. The version of the Code which was in force at the time of the broadcasts took effect on 21 March
2013. All references to the Code in this Decision are therefore references to that version of the Code
(except when referring to Ofcom decisions recorded at an earlier date) which can be found
Guidance accompanying this version of the Code can be found at:

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