Decision by Ofcom - Voice of Africa Radio

Published date07 January 2016
IssuerOffice of Communications
Sanction 101(15)
Sanction Decision by Ofcom and Notice of Proposed Revocation
under section 111(2) of the Broadcasting Act 1990
To be imposed on Voice of Africa Radio
For failure to provide the Licensed Service
Ofcom’s decision
of sanction against: Voice of Africa Radio (“VOAR” or the “Licensee”) in
respect of its service Voice of Africa Radio (or the
“Licensed Service”) (CR000070BA).
For: Breach of Licence Conditions 2(1) and 2(4) contained
in Part 2 of the Schedule to VOAR’s licence. These
state respectively:
“The Licensee shall provide the Licensed Service
specified in the Annex for the licence period.” (Section
106(2) of the Broadcasting Act 1990); and
“The Licensee shall ensure that the Licensed Service
accords with the proposals set out in the Annex so as
to maintain the character of the Licensed Service
throughout the licence period.” (Section 106(1) of the
Broadcasting Act 1990).
Decision: To revoke the Broadcasting Act licence unless the
Licensee takes the remedial steps which Ofcom
specifies to remedy the failure.
Remedial steps which 1. By 15 January 2016: To provide Ofcom with a
VOAR is now required to schedule setting out all the steps that VOAR must take
take in order to avoid in order to recommence broadcasting of the Licensed
revocation of the licence: Service in accordance with the key commitments set
out in the Annex to VOAR’s licence (“the Key
Commitments”) and its timetable for taking such steps;
2. By 1 February 2016, to either:
a) provide Ofcom with evidence that VOAR has
secured a contract enabling it to re-commence
broadcasting from the existing licensed transmitter site;
b) provide evidence to Ofcom that it has successfully
negotiated an agreement (subject to contract) to secure
a suitable alternative transmitter site and provide
Ofcom with all necessary documentation and
information to enable Ofcom to clear the alternative
transmission site.

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