A delegate's view.

Martin Finn, commercial director, Planners Services and Sundries Ltd

I'm a qualified accountant with experience In practice and in banking, and I'm now commercial director at a flooring materials business in London. I'm never going to be a tax expert but I have to keep my general awareness up about any new or emerging changes that might affect the company.

I try to go on one tax course a year and this year it was CIMA's annual tax update. A couple of years ago I went on the specialist VAT course, but it was too in-depth for the knowledge that I had. What I love about the annual updates is they cover a little of a lot. If there is anything that is relevant, you are pointed in the right direction to go and find out more information, or you can stay behind at the end and ask a few more questions. I get pretty good updates from our accountants and auditors but it is nice to go into meetings forearmed with knowledge so that I can do a bit of digging.


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