Update on Developments on the Commonweatlh Law Bulletin

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  1. The Commonwealth Law Bulletin, first published in 1974, is the flagship publication of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division (LCAD). A comprehensive periodical of the law and legal affairs, The Bulletin provides essential reading for judges, Attorneys General, Law Ministers, law reform agencies, academics and private practitioners and others who must keep abreast of the law and legal developments. The Bulletin also helps foster harmonised approaches to emerging legal issues throughout the Commonwealth. In a legal literature environment that is increasingly geared towards specialist concerns, The Bulletin stands out as a unique publication and is widely read and often referred to by the Commonwealth legal community.

  2. Intended to serve as a one-stop reference manual, The Bulletin has proved to be indispensable for legal research, particularly in jurisdictions where a wide range of Commonwealth legal journals are unavailable. The Bulletin also fills a gap in many countries whose legal systems are based on common law precedent but lack the necessary jurisprudence on particular topics.

Important changes implemented in 2005
  1. LCAD is committed to the production and publication of a respected and timely law journal and in 2005 significant changes were introduced to improve the publication process and make The Bulletin more relevant, engaging and thought-provoking.

  2. Beginning with the first issue of 2005 (Vol 31 No 1), publishing responsibilities were taken over by Cavendish Publishing Limited (Cavendish) the well-known legal publishers, who are also responsible for printing and marketing. LCAD will continue to select material for publication in The Bulletin and provide these materials to Cavendish for processing. Cavendish will endeavour to publish The Bulletin within three months from receipt of manuscripts.

  3. Cavendish also ensures that The Bulletin is properly recorded with the various national and international bibliographic agencies. They make extracts from each issue of The Bulletin available to all relevant information brokers and digitalise the contents so that the electronic version is also available online. Cavendish market The Bulletin nationally and internationally to all potential subscribers.

  4. The Bulletin has now returned to its traditional publication schedule of four issues per year...

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