Dollar Institution, or John McNabb School: increasing the number of, and incorporating the trustees Act 1847

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1847 c. 16
An Act to increase the Nuraber of Trustees
the Management of the Dollar Institution, _
John M'Nabb's School, and to incorporate the
Trustees. [22d July 1847.]
HEREAS John M'Nabb of Mile End Old Town in the will of Jolm
Parish of Saint Dunstan's Stepney in the County of Middle- M'Nabb,
sex, by his last Will and Testament, signed and exeeuted
on the Eighth Day of May in the Year One thousand eight hundred, ig00iay
after directing that his just Debts should first be settled, left and
bequeathed an Annuity of Fifty Pounds a Year to Marjory Edwards,
his Cousin, and the like Annuity of Fifty Pounds a Year to Hannah
his Housekeeper, during their natural Lives, to be paid
yearly, with a Proviso that the Fund from which such Annuities
should arise should return to the Fund " from the Charity left to the
Parish of Dollar School," and after leaving his Hothouse and
Garden, with what Money might be in the House called Furniture, to
his Cousin Jolm MlNabb, and Legacies of Five hundred Pounds to
each of his Three Executors, disposed of the Residue of his Estate as
follows: " Then to make what Sume may seem remaining into One Sum
'' to be equally divided, and into Two equal Shares, One Share I give
" and bequeath to John M'Nabb, formerly hear above mentioned, to
[Private.] 7 d "him

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