Dublin Port Act 1867

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1867 c. lxxxi
An Act to alter the Constitution of the Corporation
for preserving and improving the Port of Dublin,
and for other Purposes connected with that
Body and with the Port of Dublin Corporation.
[17th June 1867]
HEREAS in the Twenty-sixth Year of the Reign of King ^G. 3.
George the Third an Act was passed by the Parliament of '
Ireland " for promoting the Trade of Dublin by rendering
its Port and Harbour more commodious
(in this Act referred to
principal Act): And whereas by the principal Act (Section Two) it
was enacted to the Effect that the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the
City of Dublin for the Time being, together with the Seventeen Per-
sons therein named, that is to say, Viscount Ranelagh, the Right
Honourable John Foster, the Right Honourable John Beresford, the
Right Honourable Sir John Parnell Baronet, the Right Honourable
John Monck Mason, George Sutton Esquire, Robert Black, John
Patrick, Arthur Bryan, Leland Crosthwait, George Maquay, Isaac
Joseph Sandwith, John Hendrick, Joseph Wilson, John
Carleton, Robert
Esquires, and also the following Aldermen of
the said City, that is to say, Alderman James Hamilton, Alderman
William Alexander, and Alderman Henry Howison, should be incor-
perated by the Name of the Corporation for preserving and improving
[Local.] 13 Y the
VICTORIA, (ty.Ixxxi.
Act,l&(?L _
the Port of Dublin: And whereas under the principal Act that
Corporation is at present constituted of the following Members; (that
is to say,)
Seventeen Members nominated by the Members for the Time
being of the Corporation subject to the Approval of the Lord
Lieutenant and Privy Council of Ireland :
Three Aldermen of the City of
annually nominated by the
Municipal Corporation of the City:
The Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin for the Time being:
The High Sheriff of the City of Dublin for the Time being:
And whereas divers Acts of the Parliaments of Ireland and of the
United Kingdom have been from Time to Time passed relating to the
Corporation for preserving and improving the Port of Dublin, and
conferring and imposing on them various Powers and Duties in relation
to the Port and Harbour of Dublin, and to the Acquisition and
Management of Docks in Dublin: And whereas an Act was passed
in the Fiftieth Year of the Reign of King
George the
Third, " to enable
" the Corporation for preserving and improving the Port of
" erect, repair, and maintain Lighthouses round the Coasts of
" and to raise a Fund for defraying the Charge
whereas by that Act it was enacted (among other things) to the
Effect that all Powers and Authorities by the Acts therein mentioned,
or by any other Act in force in
vested in the Bodies or
Authorities therein described with respect to the erecting, rebuilding,.
repairing, or maintaining of Lighthouses round the Coast of
and the Receipt and Management of all Dues and Funds payable or
appropriated in Ireland for or in respect of the Erection, Repair, or
Maintenance of Lighthouses, should be vested in and given to the
Corporation for preserving and improving the Port of Dublin; and by
the same Act and divers subsequent Acts further specific Powers
were given to the Corporation in relation to Lighthouses: And
whereas by the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, it was (among other;
things) enacted (Section Two) to the Effect that in the Constructioa
and for the Purposes of that Act the Term " the Port of Dublin
Corporation" should mean the Corporation for preserving and im-
proving the Port of Dublin; and by Part VI. of the same Act (relat-
ing to Lighthouses) it was enacted (among other things) to th$
Effect that, subject to the Provisions therein-after contained, ami
subject also to any Powers or Rights then lawfully enjoyed or exer-
cised by any Person or Body having by Law or Usage Authority
over local Lighthouses, Buoys, or Beacons, the Superintendence and
Management of all Lighthouses, Buoys, and Beacons should be vested
in the Bodies therein described; that
to say,
In England and Wales, and the Islands, Seas, and Places therein
described, in the Trinity House;

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