EssentialPIM: personal information manager for everyone

Date04 December 2017
Publication Date04 December 2017
AuthorSarika Sawant
SubjectLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library technology,Library & information services
EssentialPIM: personal information manager
for everyone
Sarika Sawant
Personal information management (PIM) is
the organization and maintenance of
personal information such as print and
electronic documents, email messages,
Web references, handwritten notes, etc.,
that are stored for later use. According to
Jones (2008), PIM refers to both the
practice and the study of the activities a
person performs to acquire or create, store,
organize, maintain, retrieve, use and
distribute the information needed to meet
life’s many goals. There are apps available
in the Google Play Store that can be of great
help to everyone. EssentialPIM (2016) is
one of the examples. EssentialPIM is an
Android version of a highly popular online
personal information manager. It allows
one to manage calendars, tasks, notes,
contacts and passwords. It is also useful for
small business owners.
Key features include:
Synchronize all data: Syncs with the
Windows version of EssentialPIM
(Free and Pro). Synchronization with
Google Calendar, Google Tasks,
Google Drive (for Notes and
Passwords) and Google Contacts is
also available.
Powerful Calendar views: Colorful,
easy-to-read agenda views by week,
month and year [. . .].
Hierarchical tasks structure: Flexible
structure that organizes tasks into
multiple trees, with sub-trees and leafs.
Multilevel structure: Multiple views
allow quick notes preview,
management and location of data.
Conveniently organized contacts:
Wide selection of fields and unlimited
number of contact groups.
Secure passwords list: Self-locking
mechanism offers safe and
convenient ways to store all
passwords and other sensitive data.
Widgets: (some available through
in-app purchase) The widgets make
use of Calendar functions and tasks
Figure 1. Screenshots of app as shown in Google Playstore
LIBRARY HITECH NEWS Number 10 2017, pp. 11-12, © Emerald Publishing Limited, 0741-9058, DOI 10.1108/LHTN-07-2017-0046 11

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