Family mediation information and assessment meeting form

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterFamily law forms
Family Mediation Information
and Assessment Meeting
Before completing this form p lease read the information notes at the end of the form. This form is
only to be used when making an application to the court on form C1 or C2 for one of the orders shown
belo w.
To be completed by the court
The Family Court sitting at
Case reference
Form FM1 Family Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting form (01.18) © Crown Copyright 2018
Full name of applicant(s)
Full name of respondent(s)
Before completing this form please also read the leaet ‘CB1 – Making an application – Children and the Family Courts’
and the leaet CB7 - Guide for separated parents: children and the family courts. These leaets are available from your
local court or online at hmctsform
If you are making an application on form C1 or C2 for any of the following types of Children Act 1989 order, you must
rst attend a Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM):
A parental responsibility order (sections 4(1)(c), 4ZA(1)(c) or 4A(1)(b) of the Children Act 1989) or an order
terminating parental responsibility (sections 4(2A), 4ZA(5) or 4A(3) of that Act).
An order appointing a child’s guardian (section 5(1) of the Children Act 1989) or an order terminating the
appointment (section 6(7) of that Act).
An order giving permission to change a child’s surname or remove a child from the United Kingdom
A special guardianship order or an order varying or discharging such an order (section 14D of the Children
Ac t 1989 ).
This completed FM1 form must be sent to the family court, together with the relevant completed app lication
form C1 or C2. This FM1 form is not an application form for a court order.
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