FDs plan job cuts in bid to beat recession.

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UK finance directors plan to cut back on temporary staff, but are confident that their expertise and experience will help their organisations to survive the ongoing financial crisis, according to CIMA's economic survey, published last month.

More than a quarter of businesses in sectors including manufacturing, retail, transport and finance expect to reduce the number of employees over the next 12 months, compared with six months ago when 40 per cent of companies expected to expand their workforces. Those most at risk of redundancy are temporary staff and external consultants, according to 42 per cent of respondents.

A third of the 200 CIMA FDs surveyed said that their sales had declined in the previous quarter, yet the research showed that most believed that their firms would survive. About three-quarters said they were planning to maintain or increase capital expenditure and their investments in marketing and staff training. Five per cent said they would cut back on R&D, while 56 per cent said they were planning to spend more on energy efficiency.

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