Goole Urban District Council Act 1899

Cited as:1899 c. clxxxi
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved

Goole Urban District Council Act 1899

(62 & 63 Vict.) c. clxxxi

An Act to authorise the Urban District Council of Goole in the West Riding of the County of York to construct additional waterworks to borrow money for the purposes thereof and of their gas and water undertakings and for other purposes

[1st August 1899]

[62 CP; 63 Vic`r.] Goolc Urban District Cozincii! [Ch. c1xxxi.l Act, 1899. CHAPTER clxxxi. An Act to authorise the Urban District Council of Goole AB. 1Rm. - in the West Riding of the County of York to construct additional waterworks to borrow moneyfor the purposes thereof and of their gas and water undertakings and for other purposes. [lst August 1899.1 BEREAS by the Goole and District Gas and Water Act 1881 44&45 Vict. w (herein-after called `* the Act of 1881") tlic Goole ancl c.*xxx* District Gas and Water Company was incorporated and authorised to maintain and construct gasworks and waterworks and to supply gas and water within the township of Goole and other townships and places mentioned in the said Act aoci by the same Act the said company were authorised to sell and transfer to the local hoard of Goole (now the urban district council of Goole and herein-after called `` the Council ") and tlie local board were authorised with the consent of the Local Government Board tu ptrrchase the undertaking of the said company upon such tcriiis as niiglrt he agreed upon between tlic local board and the company and it was providocl by tlic Act of lS8Z that froin ancl after suoli purcliase the local \)oarti might nianufacturc and supply clas and supply water for public and private purposes within the limits OF the Act of 1881 ancl sliould have exercise and enjoy all the powers rights privileges and autliorities and bc sulljcct to all the ohligations of the said conipmy under thc: Act of 1881 in rcfcrciicc to such supply : And wlicrcas in tlic year oiic tlious5niitl riglit hriiidrctl and ninety-three the local I~ORF~ purclrased t lie undertaking of the said company with the consent of the Local Government Board and the same was transferred to them and is now rested in the Council : And wlrereas by the Goole Order 1896 confirmed by tlie Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 4) Act 1806 (herein-after called '; tlie Orcler of 1896 ") certain provisions of tlie Act of IS81 relating to the period of repaymelit of iiioney ? [Piice 1s. 3d.J A 1 A.D. 1899. [Ch. clxxxi.] Goole Urban District Council [62 & 63 VLCT.) Act, 1899. borrowed by the local hoard for the purchase of the undertaking of the said company and other purposes an3& to the provision of' a sinking fund and other matters were repealed and other regulations suhstitnted in lieu thereof : And whereac the present water supply of the Council is inaclequate and it is expedient that the Council should be authorisod to construct tlie additional waterworks herein-after described for the hetter supply of their area of supply and to borrow further money for the purposes of such construction and for the improvement of their gas and water uiidertnkings : And whereas estimates have been prepared showing that the Council will or may require to borrow for the above-iiientioiicd purposes the su:ii of twenty-five thousand pounds : Ancl wlicrens tlic several works referred to in such estimates arc perniaiient works within the nieaning of sestion 234 of the Public Health Act 1875 : And whereas it is expedient that the Act of 1881 should be amended in certain respects : And ~vliereas thc objects of tliis Act cannot be attained without the authority of Parliament : And whereas an absolute majority of the whole nuniber of tllc Council at a meetiiig held on tlie fourteenth day of I)cccmber one thousand eight hundred ancl ninety-eight after ten clear days notice by public ndvertisement of tlic meeting and of the purpose thereof in the Goolc Weekly Herald axid the Goolc Times being local newspopcw puldislied and circulating in the district of the Council such notice being in acldition to the ordinary notices required for summoning such meetiiig resolved that the expense in relation to proiiioting tlic Bill for this Act should be charged on the district fund and general district rate : And whereas such resolution was published twice in the said Goole Weekly Herald and Goole Times and has received the approval of the Local Govenunent Board : And whereas the propriety of the promotion of tli~ Bill for this Act mas confirmed by an absolute majority of the wllolc iiuiiiber of the Council at a further special meeting held in pursllancc of a similar notice on the first clay of February ono thousant1 cigllt hundred and ninety-nine being not less than foLirtecn &,vs after the deposit of the Bill in Yrtrliament : And whereas the owners and ratepayers of the. dint,rict by resolutioii in the maniior provided in the Tliird Schcclulc of tllc Pulilic Iltlaltli Act 1575 consented to tlic proniotioil of the Bill for this Act : 0 Y [62 Rt 63 Vrcr.] Gdr Udmn District Cozcncil [Ch. c1xxxi.j Act, 1899. And whereas plans and scctions of the said intended works *eD. ib%)* -- showing the lines and levels thereof the plans also showing thc lands which are liable to be taken for the purposes thereof with a book of reference to those plans containing tlic names of tlic owners or reputd owners lessees or reputed lessees and o tlic occupivrs of tliose lands respectively have been deposited with thc clerk of the peacc for the west riding of tlic county of York which plans sections and book of reference are herein-after rcspectively referred to as the clepositpd plans sections and book of reFerence : May it t!iereforo picase Your Majcsty that it may be enactcd and bc it enacted by tlic Queen's most Xxccllent Majcsty by nnd with the advice and consent of tlic Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Conimons in this present Parliament assembled aud by thc authority of tlie game as follows (that is to say) :- 1. This ilct may bc cited as tlic Goole Urban IJistrict Council Short title. Act 1899. 2. The following Acts and prts of Acts (that is to say) :- Tncorpora- tion of Acts. The Lands Clauses Acts ; `I`hc Wakermorks Clauses Act 1847 except tlie provisions with respect to the aniounl, of profit to be received by the under- takers when tlic waterworks arc carricd on for tlieir benefit and except section 83 relating to accounts and except tlic words `` with thc coilsent in writing of thc owner or reputed owner of any such house or of the agent of such owner" in section 44 of that Act and except so much thereof as nutliorises tlie Council to cut off or discontinue any suppiy of water for domestic purposes ; and Tlie Waterworks Clauscs Act 1563 ; so far as they arc applicable for the purposes of and not varied by or inconsistcnt with this Act are liereby incorporated with and form part of this Act. 3. In this Act the several words and expressions to which Illterpreta- tion. mcvinings are assigned by thc ilct of 1881 or by the Acts wholly or partially inc:orporatcd herewith shall have the same rcspcctivc. mcbsniiigs unless there be soindhing in tlic subject or context repugnant to such construction And in this Act unless the context othcrwisc requires- The cxprcssion `` tlie district '* means t,he urban district of `l'he vxp~ssioii `' tlic Council " nicaiis tlic urban district council Goole ; of tlie urban district of Goole ; A2 3 A.D. 1890. - Kxecution of Act. Power to :quire lands. Coiiiicil iriny iicquirc eesc- iucnts only in Iaritls for cwtnin 1)iirposcs. [Ch. clxxxi.] Goole Uf-baw District Council [62 & 63 VICT.] Act, 1899. The exlwessions " the district fund " and " tlic general district rate" nican respectively tlie district fund and the general district rate of the district ; Tlic expressions `` gas unclertakinq of the Council " and `` water undertaking of tlie Council " mean the gasworks and water- works respectively for the time being belonging to the council and all lands buildings and other property connected therewith rcspectively ; Tlie expression " the Act of 1881 " means the Goole and District Gas and Water Act 1881 ; The expression "tlie Order of 1896 " means the Goole Order 1896 : Provided that in blie Acts wholly or partially incorporated with tlns Act for the purposes of this Rct- Thc expression " the Undertakers" or `` the promoters of the nudertaking " means the Council. 4. This Act shall be carried into execution by the Council. 5. Sahject to the provisions and for the purposes of this Act the Council may enter upon take and use all or any of the lands tlescri1)cd in the deposited plans and book of reference and they may for tlic purposes of tlieir watcr undertaking takc collect use and appropriatc all sucli underground springs and watcrs as can be taken or collected by tlic waterworks authorised by this Act ant1 any other waters (othcr than streams) which may be found in or under any lands acquired by them under tbis Act. 6. Tlie Council inay in lieu of acquiring any lands for the purpose of acy aqueducts or lines of pipes by this Act authorised acquire sucli easements and rights in such lands as they may require for the purpose of constructing laying inspecting maintaining cleansing repairing enlarging conducting or managing the same and may give notice to treat in respect of sucli casements and rights and may in sucli notice tlescribe the nature thereof and the sevoral provisions of thc Lands Clauses Acts (inclusive of t!me with regard to limited ow~~c`rs and to urhitr,rtion aid the summoning of a juryj shall apply witliin tlic meaning of those Acts Provitlad always that except as to land foi.niing part of :I street or road nothing llcrein contained ~11~11 ailthorise the Council to acquire by compulsion any such oascment or riglit in any case in which the owner in liiv particulars of' cluiiii sldl require the Council to acquire the lands in resptbct of whicIi thy haw siven notice to treat for the acquisition of an erlseiwnt or right only ant1 every notice to treat...

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