Index to Volume 69: Part 1

Published date01 February 2005
Date01 February 2005
Subject MatterIndex to Volume 69: Part 1
Index to Volume 69
Part 1
(*indicates Opinions, Comments or Articles)
Book review 84
*Criminal justice: where do we go from
here? 1
*Criminal law legislation update 4
Evidence obtained by torture,
admissibility of 34
Extended powers of stop and search,
lawfulness of 25
*Food crime and food safety: trading in
bushmeatis new legislation
needed? 42
Fresh evidence: ordering of retrial 16
*Giving content to the principle of
proportionality 50
Human rights, compatibility with s. 5 of
the Public Order Act 1986 8
Human rights, whether licence conditions
a breach of 39
Human rights, whether reverse burden of
proof in breach of 28
Joint enterprise: withdrawal 19
Licence conditions, compatibility with
European Convention on Human
Rights 39
*Offences of trading in illegal meat
products 42
*Proportionality principle in
sentencing 50
*Public interest immunity, recent
developments in 75
Public order: racially aggravated
offence 12
Public Order Act 1986, s. 5, compatibility
with European Convention on
Human Rights 8
Racially aggravated offence, public order
and 12
Retrial, order for on submission of fresh
evidence 16
Reverse burden of proof, compatibility
with European Convention on
Human Rights 28
*Sentencing, proportionality
principle 50
Special Immigration Appeals Commission:
admissibility of evidence obtained by
torture 34
Stop and search: lawfulness of extended
powers 25
*What next for public interest
immunity? 75
Withdrawal from joint enterprise 19

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