Index to Volume 71: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4

Published date01 August 2007
Date01 August 2007
Subject MatterIndex to Volume 71: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
Index to Volume 71
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
(*indicates Opinions, Comments or Articles)
Abuse of process: private
prosecutions 306
Affray: unlawful act manslaughter 110
Anonymity of witnesses 298
Apprehended breach of the peace,
preventive action as regards 211
Ascertainability: criminal law 137
Assault, denition of recklessness as
regards 296
*Assaulting ideas, legality of 279
Bad character evidence, relevance
of 208
Bad character of defendant 124
Bahamas; constitutionality of mandatory
death penalty 215
*Balancing exercise 1
Book review 88
Breach of the peace, whether an offence
at common law 23
*Can the general fraud offence get the
law right?36
*Changing contours of the criminal
law 95
Civil and criminal proceedings, self-
defence in 119
Common law offence: breach of the
peace 21
Communications Act 2003: 'grossly
offensive' message 301
Confession of a co-accused; hearsay 107
Consent, whether HIV status vitiates:
rape 116
*Corporate manslaughter: a radical
reform? 151
Crime and Disorder Act 1998, racially
aggravated abusive or insulting
words 304
Criminal Justice Act 2003: evidence of
bad character 124
Criminal Justice Act 2003, ss 7779,
changes to the double jeopardy
law 8
*Criminal Justice Act 2003, s. 100,
person under 238
Criminal law: ascertainability 137
*Criminal law, changing contours of 95
*Criminal law legislation update 3, 99,
184, 282
*Criminal statistics: number games 181
Customary international law, whether
incorporated into domestic law 11
*Death penalty by lethal injection in the
USA: Hill v McDonough 167
*Defence of chastisement and human
rights 308
*Defence of provocation for women who
kill their abusers 342
Denition of international terrorism 147
Detention pending deportation,
reviewing 194
Diminished responsibility: fresh
evidence 130
Diminished responsibility; intoxication
and 208
Diminished responsibility; psychological
injury 16
*Distinguishing between murder and
manslaughter in practice 318
Double jeopardy 8
Duress: objective test 193
Early guilty plea: sentence discount 142
EC Regulations: targeted sanctions25
*European Arrest Warrant and the
UK 362
Evidence of bad character, relevance
of 208
*Execution by lethal injection in the USA:
Hill v McDonough 167
*Female rape: strategies for improving
reporting and conviction levels 54
*Financial crime and the Fraud Act
2006 36
*Fraud Act 2006: early observations and
comparisons with the former
law 220
Fresh evidence: diminished
responsibility 130
Grenada; constitutionality of mandatory
death penalty 218
Grossly offensive messages:
Communications Act 2003 301
Hearsay; confession of a co-accused 107
Homicide: insidiousness; withdrawal from
attempt 29
*Human rights and the defence of
chastisement 308
Human rights and the Malicious
Communications Act 1988 288
Human rights and the Serious Organised
Crime and Police Act 2005 291
Immigration Act 1971: detention pending
deportation 194
*Inadmissibility of intercept evidence 33

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