Internal coordination of social security in Italy

AuthorSilvio Bologna
Published date01 June 2019
Date01 June 2019
Subject MatterArticles
Internal coordination
of social security in Italy
Silvio Bologna
Department of Law, University of Palermo, Italy
This contribution deals with the internal coordination of health care, long-term social care and
social assistance schemes – covered by EU regulation no. 883/2004 – in Italy after the constitu-
tional reform enacted in 2001, which significantly decentralised legislative and administrative
machinery by strengthening the prerogatives of the Regions, especially in terms of organisation and
funding of the services. This article seeks to demonstrate that, although the decentralisation of
health care and long-term social care has been accompanied by mechanisms of internal coordi-
nation among the Regions (particularly in the field of inter-regional mobility), regional social
assistance schemes providing money transfers lack any form of coordination.
Italy, health care, long-term care, social assistance, decentralisation, internal coordination
This contribution analyses the internal coordination of some social security schemes covered by
EU regulations in the Italian legal framework. The aim of the article is to ascertain whether and, if
so, how the selected schemes – health care, long-term social care and social assistance – within the
scope of the EU Regulation no. 883/2004
are coordinated in the Italian federal or highly regio-
nalised institutional architecture. In this regard, following a short description of the competences of
the different public bodies (State, Regions and municipalities) in the above-mentioned fields
according to the Italian Constitution and legislation, the article focuses on the funding mechan-
isms, the administrative organisation and the internal coordination of the institutions providing the
Corresponding author:
Dr. Silvio Bologna, Researcher, Department of Law, Universit`
a degli Studi di Palermo, Italy.
1. For the material scope of Regulation (EC) no. 883/2004 see Fuchs (2015).
European Journal of Social Security
2019, Vol. 21(2) 141–152
ªThe Author(s) 2019
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/1388262719847808

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