Leicester and Narborough and Hinckley Roads Act 1800

Publication Date:January 01, 1800
Leicester and Narborough and Hinckley Roads Act 1800

(39 & 40 Geo. 3) c. iii

An Act for more effectually repairing, widening, and improving, the Roads from the Borough of Leicester in the County of Leicester, to the Town of Narborough; and from the said Borough of Leicester to the Town of Earl Shilton; and from the said Town of Earl Shilton to the Town of Hinckley, in the said County

[10th March 1800]

ANNO TRICESIMO NONO & QUADRAGESlMO GEORGII III. REGIS, **************#************#************************ Cap. 3. An AS: for more effectually repairing, widening^ and improving, the Roads from the Borough oiLeU cefier in. the County of Leicefter, to the TFown of Narbor ough; and from the faid Borough of Leicefter to the Town of Earl Shilton\ and from the faid Town of Earl Shilton , to the Town of Hinckley\ in the faid County. [10th March 1800.] HERE AS an A 5t was pafled in the Twenty-feventh Tear of Preamble, the Reign of His late Majefty King George the Second, inti- *7 Geo.it http://Geo.it , tuled, An A£i for repairing and widening the Road from Leicef- iecite * ter to Narborough, and from Leicefter to Coventry, and from thence through Kenilworth to Warwick, and from thence to Halford Bridge, and from War wick to Stratford upon Avon, and from Coventry to Martyn's Gutter* leading towards Stoneleigh Town -, and for fupplying an OmiJJion in an AEi paffed in the laft Seffion of Parfiament, for repairing the Rdad from Leicef ter to Afhby-de-la*Zouch, in the County of Leicefter; whereby the faid Roads are divided into feveral Diftricls, and feparate Truftees appointed Hoc. &f Per.J K for 38 39 4o GEORGII III. Cap. 3. Former P cts repealed, and this Act to take place. for the Care of each, the Road from the Borough of Leicejler^ to the Town of Narborougb, and from Leicejler to Hinckley, being the Firft Diftrid: And whereas an Ad was pafled in the Ninth Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, to explain, amend, and render more effedual the faid Ad, fo far as the fame relates to the faid Firft Diftrid : And whereas the Truftees appointed in or by virtue of' the faid Ads, for the faid Firft Diftrid, have proceeded in the Execution of the Powers thereby vefted in them, and have from Time to Time, for that Purpofe, borrowed fe-veral confiderable Sums of Money on the Credit of the Tolls authorized to be taken on that Did rid: And whereas the Money fo borrowed cannot be repaid, nor the faid Roads be properly amended, improved, and kept in repair, unlefs the Term of the faid Ads, with refped to the faid Dif-trid, is continued; and the Powers and Provifions of the faid Ads being found in many Refpeds defedive, it would be more convenient to the Truftees, and beneficial to the faid Diftrid of Roads, if the faid Ads, fo far as the fame relate thereto, were repealed, and further and other Powers granted inftead thereof; may it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be enaded; and be it enaded by the King's moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal^ and Commons, in this prefent Parliament aflembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That upon the Firft Meeting of the Truftees, to be ho'lden as herein-after mentioned, the faid Ad of the Twenty-feventh Year of His late Majefty, fo far as it concerns the faid Diftrid of Roads from Leicejler to Narborougb, and from Leicejler to Hinkeley, and , the faid Ad of the Ninth Year of His prefent Majefty, fhall be and the fajne are hereby declared to be repealed, and that on the fame Day this Ad fhall commence and take effed inftead thereof, and be put in Execution for and during the Term herein-after mentioned, for the Purpofe of repairing, widening, and improving the Road from the Borough of Leicejler, in the County of Leicejler, to the Town of Narborougb, and from the faid Borough of Leicejler to the Town of Earl Shilton, and from the faid Town of Earl Shilton to the Town pi Hinckley, in the faid County of Leicejler; and this Ad, and the Tolls hereby granted, fhall be, and 'are hereby .made fubjed to the Payment of all Monies which have been borrowed, or are now due and owing on the Credit of the Tolls autho-rifed to be taken by the faid Ads on the faid Diftrid of Road from Leicejler to Narborougb, and from Leicejler to Hinckley, by virtue of the laid Ads, or either of them, and of all Intereft due and to grow due thereon fefpedively, as fully, to' all Intents and Purpofes, as if fuch Monies had been borrowed, or become due and owing on the Creditor on Account of this Ad, Truftees. II. And be it further enaded, That Robert Abney, Samuel Bracebridge Abney, John Adams, Thomas Adnutt Clerk, George Allen, John Anderjon Clerk, Gerrard AndrewesoClerk, Richard Arkwright, Thomas Arnold Dodor Phyfick, Thomas Graham Arnold Dodor in Phyfick, William Arnold^ in William AJlle, Sir George Beaumont Baronet, Thomas Babington, William Babington Clerk, James Bankart, Samuel Bankart, Thomas Bankart, John Bankart, John Barratt, John Barratt the younger, Thomas Barratt, Richard Beale, John Benjkin, William Bentley, Jojhua Bid.dk http://Bid.dk , James Bijhop, William Bi/hep, James Blakejley, John Blakejley, Jqfepb Boultbee, Jojeph Boultbee the younger^ Thomas. Boultbee, Robert Brewin, John Brewin, John Brewin Clerk, Henry Brown Clerk, John Brown, William Brown of Hinckley, Jojepb 39 &* 40 GEORGII III. Cdf. $. . Jofeph Burbidge, Francis Burgefs, Robert Burgefs, William Burleton, Rbbirt Burnaby Clerk, 'Thomas Burnaby Clerk, Beaumont Burnaby, Thomas Buxton, Thomas Bentley Buxton, Ifaac Buxton, Jofeph Spencer Cardale, Anthony Carr, George Carr, Ifaac Carter, John Edward Carter, Henry Carter, Robert Carver, William Cafj'on Clerk, Jofeph Chamber/in, William Chamberlin, Jofeph Chambers, Charls Chambers Clerk, Thomas Chapman, Thomas Chat- . wyn,- Hamlett Clark, Samuel Clarke, John Clarke, Robert Clarke, Robert ,Clarke the younger, Jofeph Cradock of Gumley, Robert Che/hire, John Choice, Charles Jioothby Skrymfiier Clopton, Richard Cook, Henry Coleman, John Coltman, John Coltman, John Cooper of Hinckley, Thomas Cooper, John Cooper Clerk, James Cooper, William Cooper Clerk, William Cooper Holier., Henry Cooper,. Francis Cooper, Nathaniel Cooper, Jojias Cockfhutt, Sir Wolflon Dixie Baronet, Willoughby Dixie, William Dabbs, John DabbJ, Jofeph Dalby, Henry Dalby, Thomas Deakin, William Dickins, James Dow- ley, Benjamin Dowley, Matthias D'Oyley Clerk, John Eames, William Ellis, Jofeph Farmer, Henry Cooper Fijher Clerk, John Fijher ot Cofjington Clerk* John Fifher of Higham Clerk, Thomas Fifier Clerk, Thomas Fijher, John 'Fofler, Thomas Freer, George Freer, Thomas Fulfhaw, the Right Honourable George Harry Grey commonly called Lord Grey, the Honourable Booth Grey, the Honourable John Grey', the Honourable William. Booth Grey, the Ho nourable Anchitel Grey, the Honourable Grey, Thomas Greaves Clerk, John Green, Benjamin Gregory, Jofeph Gregory Clerk, John Gregory^ John Gre* gory, Thomas Godfrey, John Gocdacre the younger, John Goude, Jofhua Grundy, William Grundy, Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp Baronet, George Harry WiU Hani Hartopp, Edmund Hartopp, William Edmund Hartopp, Samuel Hartopp Clerk, Edward Hartopp, John Hall, William Hall, Edward Harris, David Harris, William Harrifon, William Herrick, William Herrick of Beaumanor, John Heyrick, Samuel Heyrick Clerk, William Heyrick, Edward Hextall, William Hill, William Hodges, Edward Hodges, William Hbhnes, Robert Hubbard, John Hunt Clerk, John Hunt of Newtown, Nathaniel Hurftt Thomas HuJkiffon, John Jackfon, Richard Spooner Jaqy.es http://Jaqy.es , jofeph Ingleby, Thomas Jeffcutt, Thomas Iliff, Robert lliff, Jofeph Johnfon, Jofeph Johnfon the younger, Robert Johnfon, Henry Ryder Knapp Clerk, George Anthony Lfgh Keck, John King of Leicefier, John King of Earl Shilton, Henry King, John Lawton, Thomas Leach, William Southworth Lee Clerk, Thomas Lock- wood, George Lockwood, Thomas Lomas, Lambton 'Loraine Clerk, Lambton Loraine theNyounger, John Lofeby, Caleb Lowdham, Thomas Ludlam Clerk, John Lynes, the Right Honourable Charles Manners commonly called Lord Charles Manners, the Right Honourable Robert Manners, com monly, called Lord Robert Manners, Sir William Manners Baronet, John Manners, Thomas Manners Clerk, Edward Manners, William French Major, James Mallett, John Mansfield, James Mansfield, Edward Marfton, Samuel Mark'and, William Mafon, John Miles Clerk, Samuel Miles, Michael Miles, John Moore, the Reclor of Narborough for the Time being, Jcfeph Neale, Thomas Nedham of Hinckley, Thomas Standley Nedham, John Ned- ham, John Nichols, George Nichols, John Nichols the younger, Noble Clerk, George Noble, Thomas Noel Clerk, John Noon, William Oldham, Thomas Wejlley Oldham, Peter Oliver, John Bafs Oliver, John Bafs Oliver the younger, George Oliver Clerk, Thomas Barfoot Oliver, Samuel Oliver Clerk, Sir John Palmer Baronet, Thomas Palmer, John Palmer, Thomas Pares, Thomas Pares the younger, John Pares, William Pares Clerk, Thomas Parkin"fan, Edward Parfons, William Parfons, Michael Payne, Robert Peach, Thomas Peach, George Peake, Thomas March Phillips, James Pigott Clerk, Edward Price, John Price, John Prior, Charles William Pochin, Sir George Robinfon 4o 39 ^ 4 GEORGII III. Cap. 3. Robinfon Baronet, Thomas Robinfon Clerk, Thomas Robin/on of Hinckley, John Ragg, John Ragg the younger, Thomas Read, Matthew Reid, Richard Roberts, Samuel. Roberts, John Roberts, John Dawes Rofs Clerk, Walter Ruding, Wal ter Ruding the younger, Rogers Ruding Clerk, William Ruding, JohnS'aywell, Alexander Simp/on Clerk, John Slater, William Smart, Charles Loraine Smith, Lordine Loraine Smith, Jofeph Smith, John Stephens, Richard Stephens, John Stephens the younger, Samuel Simpfon, John Stockdale, Benjamin Sutton, William Sutton, Thomas Sutton, Edmund Swinfen, the Right Honour able Shirley commonly called Lord Tamworth, Robert Throjby Clerk, William Tompfon, Thomas Towle, Samuel Towndrow, Harley Vaughan Serjeant at Law, John Vaughan Serjeant at Law...

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