London Printing and Publishing Company's Act 1856

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1856 c. cvii
An Act to amend the Constitution of " The London
Printing and Publishing Company, Limited."
[21st July 1856.]
HERE AS the London Printing and Publishing Company
was completely registered on the Twenty-fourth Day of
February One thousand eight hundred and fifty-four,
pursuant to the Provisions of the Act Seventh and Eighth Victoria,
Chapter One hundred and ten, intituled An Act for the Registration, 7
Incorporation, and Regulation of Joint Stock Companies, and thereby c-
became incorporated for the Purpose of carrying on the Trades or
Businesses of Printing, Engraving, Bookbinding, and various other
Branches of Trade, Manufacture, Art, and Science connected with
the Production and Publication of Literary "Works, and according to
the Constitution mentioned and provided in and by the Deed of
Settlement of the said Company, with a nominal Capital of Two
hundred thousand Pounds, divided into Shares of Five Pounds each,
and subject to Increase or Reduction by a General Meeting, as in .
the said Deed of Settlement is provided, and with Power to borrow
to an Extent not exceeding One hundred thousand Pounds : And
whereas the said Company succeeded to a Business theretofore
carried on by Mr. John Tallis, and transferred by him to the said
[Local.] 18 Q Company,

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