Malvern Hills Act 1924

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1924 c. xxxvi
[14 & 15
5'.]- Malvern Hills [Ch. XXxViJ
Act, 1924
CHAPTER xxxvi.
An Act for conferring further powers upon the A.D. 1924
Malvern Hills Conservators and for other
purposes. [14th July 1924.]
J HEREAS under a decree of the Court of
Exchequer in the seventh year of the reign of
King Charles I. (as reviewed and explained by a decree of
the same Court in the eighth year of the same reign)
confirmed by an Act passed in the sixteenth year of the
reign of King Charles II. intituled 'e An Act for Con-
" firmation of the Inclosure and Improvement of
c' Malvern Chase 3' the waste or commonable lands con-
stituting the forest or chase of Malvern were divided
and one-third part thereof was appropriated to be.
enclosed and held by the King in severalty and the other
two-third parts were ordered to remain and continue
unto and amongst the commoners and to be held by them
in common according to their several rights and interests
free from the King's rights of forest and such two-third
parts were to be for ever left free for the freeholders
and tenants and commoners to take their common of
pasture and common of estovers therein as theretofore
they had been accustomed and no mesne lords of
fees or manors or other freeholders or owners whatso-
ever or the King's Majesty His heirs successors
or assigns or any person or persons claiming from
by or under them or any of them were to enclose
any part of such two-third parts or to fell any,of the
[Price 2s. Od. Net] A 1
XXXVi.] Malvern Hills [14 & 15
' Act*
1924. woods or trees growing or to be growing thereon whereby
the commoners might be hindered of their estovers :
And whereas prior to the year one thousand eight
hundred and eighty-four^pumerous enclosures and
encroachments had at yariQiisr .times been made upon
portions of thefsai^wa^te or commQriaKepland formerly
within the said'forest;and not forming part of the King's
third and by the^ Malyern Hills Actf-18®/{provision was
made for the preyention'of encrpachments^and enclosures
upon and of injury to the said tractspof laid and also for
the management of. the same :
And whereas by the Act of -18 64 the'Malvern Hills
Conservators (herein referred to "as 7 the. existing Con-
servators ") were kmv^wa^Mmdwem, unvested with
certain powers of protection control and management
with regard to the lands in that Act specified and pro-
vision was made for restricting the user and enjoyment
of the said lands':
And whereas by the Act of 1884 the existing Cdn-
^e.rvators-were authorised to raise any moneys required
for meeting their expenses by precept to be served on the
overseer of each of the parishes of-ColwallMathon and
Great'Malvern and thei:said overseers were directed to
pay the amounts specified in, the said precepts out of
the poor rate of the said respective parishes Provided
always that the sum'required by any such precept in anyf
one year should not exceed the amount which would be*
produced by a rate of one halfpenny in the pound which
amount was by the Act of 1909 increased to one penny in
tjie pound:
And whereas the urban district of Malvern consists
of the parishes of Great Malvern Malvern Link* Malvern
Wells and West Malvern and is divided into, six wards :
And whereas by the Act of 1909 the constitution
of the existing Conservators was altered and the
county councils of Worcestershire and Herefordshire
were authorised to contribute to the funds of the
T Conservators:
'And whereas the lands under the jurisdiction of
the existing Conservators and commonly known as the
Malvern Hills have become widely known and admired
for their natural beauties and have formed a centre of
attraction to the inhabitants of the counties of Worcester
arid'Hereford and to visitors coming from all parts of

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