Members stand up to be counted.

AuthorBernstein, Marc
PositionChartered Institute of Management Accountants' members running for Parliament

They represent different parties, but CIMA members fighting the UK election all agree that management accountants are ideal MPs.

Taxation and public investment are the key election issues for management accountants, according to three CIMA members who are standing in the UK general election on 7 June.

"Accountants are in a better position than anyone to realise that public services have to be paid for," said Helena Cole, the Liberal Democrat candidate standing against Conservative front bench spokesman David Willetts in Havant. Cole has been a CIMA student since January 2001, when she passed her graduate conversion exams which gained her some exemptions. "Advocating 7 [pounds sterling] to 8 billion [pounds sterling] pounds of tax cuts, while at the same time promising more money for the NHS, does not add up," she argued.

Michael Foster, Labour MP for Worcester who gained notoriety for introducing the private members' bill to ban hunting with dogs in 1998, agrees. "Investment in public services is a vital issue, particularly for CIMA members working in frontline services such as the NHS," he said.

Foster is CIMA's voice in the House of Commons and he recently introduced a CIMA newsletter, which...

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