Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Act 2015

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation2015 c. 34
social security and child support maintenance in Northern Ireland, andarrangements under section 1 of the Employment and Training Act (Northern Ireland) 1950 (employment and training for employment) .(2) An Order in Council under subsection (1) may, in particular, confer power on the Secretary of State or a Northern Ireland department to make provision by order or regulations.amend, repeal, revoke or otherwise modify any enactment,apply any enactment with or without modification,provide for a person to exercise a discretion in dealing with any matter,create or amend a criminal offence or impose or amend a penalty,make different provision for different purposes or areas, andmake incidental, supplementary, consequential, transitory or transitional provision or savings.the power is exercisable either by statutory instrument or by statutory rule where the power is conferred on the Secretary of State, orthe power is exercisable by statutory rule where the power is conferred on a Northern Ireland department.(5) No recommendation is to be made to Her Majesty to make an Order in Council under subsection (1) unless a draft of the statutory instrument containing the Order has been laid

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