Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Date01 August 2014
Published date01 August 2014
Subject MatterIndex to Volume 78
Index to Volume 78
Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4
(*indicates Opinions, Comments or Articles)
*Abuse within intimate relationships, recent
trends 185
Admissibility of footwear impressions 6
Admissibility of sexual behaviour of the
complainant 106
Attempted murder; transferred malice, joint
enterprise and 214
*Australian comparison of self-defence in
the home 80
Blameless driving and the scope of legal
causation 16
Breach of PACE, admissibility of evidence of
footwear comparison in 6
*Causation in criminal law 165
Causing death by unlicensed, disqualied or
uninsured driving: causation 16
Common assault, judicial review of
conviction for 283
Confessions, admissibility of 198
Consent, belief in 290
*Convictions and cautions, permanency in
the UK 122
*Corporate offenders: deferred and non-
prosecution agreements 249
Credibility, evidence of 210
Crediting time spent in custody on
remand 286
*Criminal attempt, mens rea of 220
*Criminality information sharing 122
*Criminal law and the word
‘reasonable’ 195
*Criminal law, causation in 165
Criminal Law Legislation Update 4, 104,
Criminal liability for transmission of
herpes 294
*Defence to murder, necessity as a 341
*Deferred and non-prosecution agreements
in the UK and US 249
Diminished responsibility and voluntary
consumption of alcohol 11
*Detention under terrorism legislation,
police power to stop 300
*Domestic assault, abuse within intimate
relationships 185
*Duress as a defence to murder, paradox of
disallowing 65
Emergency protection process in family
courts, transparency 202
Evidence of credibility 210
Family courts, opening up the 202
*Fatal maritime collisions, involuntary
manslaughter in 27
*Forensic science regulation, Home Ofce
consultation on 137
*Fraud cases; battle between the MoJ and
the Criminal Bar 277
GPS surveillance and data protection 22
Hearsay and the purpose of the maker of
the statement 118
Herpes simplex virus, criminal liability for
transmission of 294
*Householder’s right to kill or injure an
intruder 80
Illegal GPS tracking by private investigators
*Incapability, doctrine of 226
Insanity and reasonable force in pleading
self-defence 12
Intoxication and consent in sexual
offences 207
*Involuntary manslaughter in fatal
maritime collisions 27
*Judicial management of juror impropriety
Judicial review of conviction for common
assault 283
*Juror impropriety, judicial management
of 43
*Law of rape in Victoria 326
*Mens rea of criminal attempt 220
Murder, defence of diminished
responsibility 114
*Murder, paradox of disallowing defence of
duress 65
Necessity of a defence to murder 341
*Non-violent sexual coercion as a criminal
wrong 309
*Obtaining sex by threats 309
*Police power to stop 300
Post-acquired legitimate assets, conscation
of 110
Proceeds of crime, conscation of
assets 110
*Prosecutor, reections of a 99
*Public Defender Service and Very High
Cost case 277
*Raped by the State 1
*Rape, law of, in Victoria 326
*Reasonable: the most consequential word
in criminal law 195
*Reections of a former prosecutor 99
Remand time in custody, crediting 286
Self-defence, insanity and use of reasonable
force 12
‘Sexual behaviour of the complainant’,
meaning of 106
Sexual history evidence 290
*Sexual offences, doctrine of
incapability 226

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