Pension sharing annex under [section 24B of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973] [paragraph 15 of Schedule 5 to the Civil Partnership Act 2004]

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterDivorce and civil partnership dissolution forms
Pension Sharing Annex
Act 1973] [paragraph 15
Form P1 Pension Sharing Annex under [section 24B of the Matrimonial
Act 2004] (04.16)
In the Family Court sitting at
*[Principal Registry of the Family Division]
Case No.
(Always quote this)
Transferor’s Solicitor’s
Transferee’s Solicitor’s
© Crown Copyright 2016
Between (Petitioner)
and (Respondent)
Take Notice that:
*(delete as appropriate)
On the court
made a pension sharing order under Part IV of the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999.
• [varied] [discharged] an order which included provision for pension sharing under Part IV of the
This annex to the order provides the person responsible for the pension arrangement with the information
required by virtue of rules of court:
A. Transferor’s details
(i) The full name by which the Transferor is known:
(ii) All names by which the Transferor has been
know n:
(iii) The Transferor’s date of birth:
(iv) The Transferor’s address:
(v) The Transferor’s National Insurance Number:
B. Transferee’s Details
(i) The full name by which the Transferee is known:
(ii) All names by which the Transferee has been
know n:
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