AuthorWilliam Webster/Robert Weatherley

This book comprises separate sections dealing with easements, village greens, public rights of way, restrictive covenants, assets of community value (and the right of community groups to bid for listed assets) and a lengthy section on elements of planning law. The purpose of the book is to fill a gap in a book market dominated by some very heavy, well-known texts. It occurred to us that it would be to the advantage of practitioners if they were provided with comprehensive and up-to-date assistance in the case of the above topics under cover of a single volume. We also like to think that the book’s layout provides a clear and effective narrative, with ample footnotes where the reader is looking for specific legislative materials and case summaries in areas of the law which have undergone very considerable growth in recent years.

The increasing pressure nowadays on land use means that the disposal, development or other realisation of valuable land assets is more likely to give rise to one or more of a range of topics covered by our book, which we hope will provide practitioners with ready guidance with a view to being able to advise their clients about the rights they enjoy and the burdens they face, and what they can do to protect themselves when it comes to the private and public rights and control over land which may affect its use.

As the law changes on a virtual daily basis, it has not been easy keeping abreast of the material primary and secondary legislative changes and emerging case law, but we like to think that we have done our best to ensure that we have dealt with the law in force as of 1 July 2016, although we were able to...

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